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Comment: Re:So, copying is stealing after all? (Score 1) 126

by Samizdata (#46749421) Attached to: Photo Web Site Offers a Wall of Shame For Image Thieves
I am going to agree to disagree on that. My biggest disagreement is the use of the "stolen" asset. It is one thing if the "thief" is using it for personal or educational uses, and entirely another thing if they are using it to make a profit or enhance their business. It reminds me of when I used to do my own email and web hosting. I would happily give away free email addresses to friends and family if they asked. Then, one day while checking logs, I noticed what seemed to me to be one user hammering out a lot of commercial email (subjects like "Invoice included" and such). Now, it so happens said user had a old at the time, but pretty nice Proliant server I was prepping up for him as a favor. I contacted him and asked him up front if he was doing business with his free email account from me. He admitted he was although business wasn't going well and apologized. My (now ex-)wife suggested bartering the server for lifetime commercial email. I, figuring it wouldn't hurt, fired the idea off, and all was well. I see this sort of thing as analogous to having neighborhood kids ask if they can play on your attractive well appointed front porch, and, after saying yes, finding out they opened a prosperous lemonade stand there without telling you.

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by Samizdata (#46670979) Attached to: GameSpy Multiplayer Shutting Down, Affecting Hundreds of Games
Of course, then there's the issue of DLC purchased via online services. And then companies like 2K Games telling users they have to buy the DLC AGAIN since their title used Games for Windows Live, which is being shut down. So, people like me get ripped off for being legit, law abiding users.

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by Samizdata (#46625913) Attached to: WSJ: Prepare To Hang Up the Phone — Forever
I live in an apartment building on the fourth floor. I finally cancelled my cell service, as my coverage was dependent on which way my desk chair was pointed. Nothing like dropping a call because you got uncomfortable and shifted... And I am pretty unsure AT&T will not/will not be able to slap another tower in my neighborhood.

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Of course, that is assuming that movie you wanted to watch in the back catalog hasn't had licensing expire and has been removed from the library. I am currently using Netflix via a 1 year gift code I got for Christmas. It was great to get everything set up (old account expired as I lost my job and couldn't afford it any more and had sold my Roku) and find a movie I wanted to see going out of catalog in less that 24 hours. Although, I must say their support people are really awesome. (And as an aside for Windows Netflix watchers, Caffeinated is a really nifty little free proggie to deal the whole screen blanking issue.)

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