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Comment: Re:hum (Score 1) 647

by Samizdata (#48487287) Attached to: Debian Forked Over Systemd

Honestly, I don't buy into the whole non-GPL can't link GPL argument in the first place.

Suppose I were to tell you to grab your copy of the 3rd paperback printing of Game of Thrones and look at the second sentence on page 320. Does posting that sentence make this post a violation of GRRM's copyright? Of course not - I didn't copy anything in his book - simply mentioning that it exists and that it contains a page 320 in no way makes this post a derivative work.

I believe a book over 300 pages is a poorly designed book and also breaks the reader guidelines. As such, none of my GRRM books have any pages over 300.

Comment: Re:G'Day Valve, (Score 1) 139

by Samizdata (#47792777) Attached to: Australian Consumer Watchdog Takes Valve To Court
Well, I have at least two games in my Steam collection that do not work. One, I was told by the company it wouldn't work ever with my config, and the other...Well, I am tired of pawing through forums trying all kinds of things. And, we are not even going to mention getting ripped off for my Minerva's Den DLC, which I place firmly in the split camp of Steam/2K Games/Microsoft.

Comment: Re:Where? (Score 1) 257

by Samizdata (#47739575) Attached to: When Customer Dissatisfaction Is a Tech Business Model
Well, I live in an apartment building. We could get basic cable in our apartments for $30 a month. I paid for that and extra for a connection, and I was pretty happy. Until Comcast re-negotiation time came around and they really jacked up the group price. So the landlord told them to get stuffed. So, what's my current broadband options? AT&T DSL or Xandoo wireless. AT&T is slow and the mandatory gateway sucks. Xanadoo? Slow, dodgy, and capped WAY low with no reliable way to monitor usage. So many options I have for ISPs....

Comment: Re:2GB of RAM? (Score 1) 215

by Samizdata (#47712977) Attached to: New HP Laptop Would Mean Windows at Chromebook Prices

Well, none of those are "necessary add-ons". Java necessary? Since when? Who the hell even uses java applets anymore? Silverlight? Who ever used that? Office? Seriously? Flash, ok, there's a metric fuck load of flash out there.

Educator that do online courses, and have to have Java for class chats to work?

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