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Comment Re:Nexus S (Score 1) 203

The nexus one can do pinch-to-zoom so of course it supports multitouch.

The hardware on the Nexus One was not designed with multitouch in mind. There was a firmware hack released that changes the way it reads the touchscreen hardware, such that it can "sort of" detect two touches. This hack fails when X and Y axes align, and it often loses track of which coordinates belong to which touch. Pinch zoom works because you're not generally pinching exactly down the axes.

Comment Re:Nexus S (Score 1) 203

And quite a lot crapper. shitty touch sensor and GPU on Nexus One really let it down

Indeed, and this is the reason I'm graveyarding my N1 for a Desire HD. Developing multitouch games on a quasi-multitouch device is unfortunately unacceptable. The 3G reception on the N1 is also abysmal.
(Link seems to be down at the moment)

Comment Re:The Bad Keyboard Trend Continues (Score 1) 332

Then, everyone moved to the quiet keyboards that use the rubber sheet and the dielectric, and it had less of a tactical response.

They provided me with one of those at work and they're just plain awful to code with. I ended up ordering one of these:
Mechanical with Cherry MX brown keyswitches. Sooooo nice for coding and general typing.

Comment Re:decent touch screen keyboard? (Score 1) 112

Not much good for an ATM though if you have someone waiting in line.

"Please enter your PIN."
*user types PIN...*
"You have $500,000 in your account."
*user gets mugged*

Not saying that it would be stupid enough to speak your PIN as you type it, but I wouldn't like random strangers knowing how much money I have in my account.

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