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Comment: Re:Stop it. (Score 2) 275

by Saint Gerbil (#44090837) Attached to: The Security Risks of HTML5 Development

The needs of the business world is always changing and the needs of the internet is changing to meet it. HTML 5 isn't just a new shiny stuff which people can use. Its stuff people can do already but need large libraries and stuff to create now.
Newer libraries just mean that you will download less to the client, in order to provide the rich user experience they expect now a days.

TFA is pure FUD most of the problems which it highlights exist already. If anything HTML5 sorts out more issues than it creates.

Comment: Ha take that Apple (Score 1) 213

by Saint Gerbil (#43913429) Attached to: iPhone 4, iPad 2 Get US Import Ban

So Samsung filed this motion nearly 2 years ago for an import ban of then relevant product. it been delayed and delayed and now is an irrelevant product, So Apple cannot import any more iPad2's or iPhone4's but isnt stopped from importing iPhone4S's, iPhone5's, iPad3's, iPad4's and iPad Mini's, with no consequence.

I'm happy that Samsung won but what did they really win Apple cant sell products it doesn't care about any more ?

"Success covers a multitude of blunders." -- George Bernard Shaw