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Comment I need a cure light wounds spell, doctor... (Score 1) 430

FTA: "there may be significant benefit to the very performance of medical ritual"

For hundreds of years, "doctors" have been using magick to cast "spells" and some of them are just now waking up to the realization...

Kinda makes snake oil salesmen look honest by comparison.

Comment Welcome to the party... (Score 1) 305

NASA wants the same thing that everyone else does: for their program to encounter some phenomenon so remarkable that it captures our attention.

I suppose they could always fake up a few alien spacecraft for us all and just get the wait over with regarding staring at the sky, but that just wouldn't be sporting, would it?

In other news, deer blind owners complain about the boredom of hunting...

Comment Re:What mobile company would support this? (Score 1) 102

They can't hold off supporting it much longer. As more providers distribute phones capable of supporting features like this, they are all brought closer and closer to the line. One of them will cross it first, and then the rest will follow. Tethering will be a ubiquitous feature in another year or two, even in the US.

No, they don't like it. Yes, they will do something about it if/when they perceive it to be abused. No, it won't matter in the long run.

Comment There is a buzzword for that now? (Score 1) 219

"Service Oriented Architecture"? Really? There is a buzzword for that now?

If I spent less time writing code and more time reading about the latest trends, I'd stop to realize that I've been developing SOA for years now without ever even realizing it.

Is this that moment when I'm supposed to recognize that I'm actually standing on some type of "cutting edge" because it all just sounds like another remix of disparate systems with a client that says "make it all work together"...

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