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Comment Re:It's ok.. (Score 1) 315

But those are hard-coded, their scancodes are pre-determined (X11 ComposeKey isn't, it's user-defined). French AZERTY also has a Alt-Gris key, that isn't the issue here. The issue is the lack of a consistent character mapping of French AZERTY keyboards. Meanwhile French Canadian keyboards are extremely consistent in their mapping.

Comment Re:Congratulations, guys! (Score 2) 442

If advertizing CDNs took resposibility and accountability for the content they serve, and vetted every single ad, fewer people would block ads. I'm all for these sites generating revenue with ads, but I'm not about to allow malicious ads to infect my system with some random nasty bug. Using ad-blockers is the equivalent of using a condom. Don't want a virus, protect yourself. That's all people are doing.

Comment Re:Congratulations, guys! (Score 1) 442

Why are you giving them money, or using AdBlock Plus for that matter? The company that makes ABP already makes plenty of money by crippling their own product by default. Not to mention the engine they're using is laggy as hell on mobile. Just move over to UBlock Origin with everyone else.

Comment Re:My conclusion is that linux sucks for games (Score 0) 115

Linux may be more effcient, but OpenGL really isn't. Not from a development perspective. The big push to DirectX happened because OpenGL was just a royal pain in the ass to develop with. Where as DirectX is fully documented and has a massive support community, OpenGL is a lot like the wild west. You may have some documentation, but there's no central repository of knowledge for troubleshooting and assistance. Plus the state of graphics drivers under Linux makes it an extra special brand of hell for anyone porting a game over to it.

Comment Re:Glad for the Drone Regs (Score 1) 226

You do know that falling bullets are pretty much harmless, right? The moment they reach the apex of their trajectory, they begin to tumble and lose all of their penetration power. The terminal velocity of a bullet, even larger calibur rounds, is far far far less than their original muzzle velocity. Without stable flight and the immense burst of speed from being fired, they're about as harmless as the average BB gun.

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