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Comment This makes me wonder.. (Score 2) 127

Neither the source article nor the slashdot reposting bother to say WHERE the system was purchased from. A bit of negligence if you ask me, since it's a very important point of contention for the validity of the article. If the machine was purchased through a third-party vendor (i.e. TigerDirect, Newegg, Amazon, Best Buy), then yes, it shouldn't be a surprise that Superfish is still a part of these machines. However, if this system was bought directly through Lenovo, then there really is a problem here and Lenovo needs to fix it as soon as possible.

Submission + - OS X, iOS and Linux have more vulnerabilities than Windows->

An anonymous reader writes: This startling fact comes from the National Vulnerability Database (described as the "US government repository of standards based vulnerability management data") which details security issues detected in different operating systems and software titles.

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Submission + - Question:Suggestions for a UPS with a 20 year battery life expectancy? 1

mmiscool writes: I have a project that requires UPS battery backups for several piece of equipment that will be nearly inaccessible for long periods of time. The power will go out an estimated 4 time per year and be off for a day or so. Any one have any ideas for a product that will suit these needs?

Comment Re:get off my lawn (Score 1) 247

It's CM's own dialer, I don't run too much atop of stock CM with respect to built-in functions. From the look, it's based around the AOSP dialer for 4.*.*, specificly the stock 4.4.4 software itself. Just added functions written into it. Similar relationship with Trebuchet/GoogLancher.

Comment Re:Why would you want this? (Score 3, Insightful) 178

You've never smoked in your life, have you? Or if you did, the doseage was so long and spaced out enough that it didn't wreck you personally. For many others out there it's a debilitating experience. It's why I've encouraged any of the people I know that want to quit to take up vaping as substitute. At least from there, they've got more control over the process and can step down gradually without taking the excessively barbaric cold-turkey approach.

Comment Stoned Moron.. (Score 1) 307

No, net neutrality shouldn't mean that app developers are forced to go cross-platform. Everyone's writing software for Android and iOS because that's where the people are. People ditched Blackberry because they did nothing but sit on their initial success, letting Google, Apple, and even Microsoft completely overtake what they had. And now BB is crying foul because their competitors don't want to play nice with them? There's nothing that says or mandates interoperability between competitors in the marketplace. All this is, is Blackberry crying over the milk they spilled and begging for third-parties to try and make them somehow relevant again. If the tables were turned, I highly doubt that they'd want anyone to start attacking their precious crystal palace.

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