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Comment: Re:Why would you want this? (Score 3, Insightful) 178

by Sable Drakon (#48887333) Attached to: New Nicotine Vaccine May Succeed Where Others Have Failed
You've never smoked in your life, have you? Or if you did, the doseage was so long and spaced out enough that it didn't wreck you personally. For many others out there it's a debilitating experience. It's why I've encouraged any of the people I know that want to quit to take up vaping as substitute. At least from there, they've got more control over the process and can step down gradually without taking the excessively barbaric cold-turkey approach.

Comment: Stoned Moron.. (Score 1) 307

by Sable Drakon (#48876589) Attached to: Blackberry CEO: Net Neutrality Means Mandating Cross-Platform Apps
No, net neutrality shouldn't mean that app developers are forced to go cross-platform. Everyone's writing software for Android and iOS because that's where the people are. People ditched Blackberry because they did nothing but sit on their initial success, letting Google, Apple, and even Microsoft completely overtake what they had. And now BB is crying foul because their competitors don't want to play nice with them? There's nothing that says or mandates interoperability between competitors in the marketplace. All this is, is Blackberry crying over the milk they spilled and begging for third-parties to try and make them somehow relevant again. If the tables were turned, I highly doubt that they'd want anyone to start attacking their precious crystal palace.

+ - An Open Letter To Everyone Tricked Into Fearing AI->

Submitted by malachiorion
malachiorion (1205130) writes "If you're into robots, AI, you've probably read about the open letter on AI safety. But do you realize how blatantly the media is misinterpreting its purpose, and its message? I spoke to the organization that released letter, andto one of the AI researchers who contributed to it. As is often the case with AI, tech reporters are getting this one wrong on purpose. Here's my analysis for Popular Science. Or, for the TL;DR crowd: "Forget about the risk that machines pose to us in the decades ahead. The more pertinent question, in 2015, is whether anyone is going to protect mankind from its willfully ignorant journalists.""
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+ - Elon Musk Plans to Sell 'a Few Million' Electric Cars by 2025

Submitted by (3830033) writes "Reuters reports that Elon Musk, speaking at an industry conference in Detroit, said Tesla may not be profitable until 2020 but that Tesla plans to boost production of electric cars to "at least a few million a year" by 2025. Musk told attendees at the Automotive News World Congress that "we could make money now if we weren't investing" in new technology and vehicles such as the Model 3 and expanded retail networks.

Musk does not see the Chevrolet Bolt as a potential competitor to the Model 3. "It's not going to affect us if someone builds a few hundred thousand vehicles," said Musk. "I'd be pleased to see other manufacturers make electric cars." On another topic, Musk said he was open to partnerships with retailers to sell Tesla vehicles, but not until after the company no longer has production bottlenecks. "Before considering taking on franchised dealers, we also have to establish (more of) our own stores," said Musk adding that "we will consider" franchising "if we find the right partner." Musk did not elaborate, but said Tesla "is not actively seeking any partnerships" with other manufacturers "because our focus is so heavily on improving our production" in Fremont. Last year, Tesla delivered about 33,000 Model S sedans and said the current wait for delivery is one to four months. Tesla has already presold every Model S that it plans to build in 2015. “If you ordered a car today, you wouldn’t get it until 2016.""

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