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Comment American living abroad here. (Score 1) 1141 1141

Portion size. Thats why Americans are fat. Food is cheap and portions are huge. When I first moved to New Zealand I ate out a lot. The portions seemed tiny and I was always hungry. Then I just got used to it and now I can't stop losing weight. In fact what used to seem tiny now fills me up.

Comment Re:It mostly sucks (Score 1) 394 394

Are you talking about RealD? What is Real3D? RealD is not taking an image and shifting it. All RealD does is take the right eye/left eye and converts it to a format that works better in movie theaters, especially in the front row. They are not into stereo conversion. The don't touch the convergence. "Disney Digital 3D" is just a marketing term, Disney itself doesn't really have a stereo conversion process They pay other people to do it. Every VFX house does 3D differently, and most Disney movies have at least 2 different houses working on 3D conversion. I've worked on many Disney films, including Alice in Wonderland and GeForce.

Comment Two different branches... (Score 2, Interesting) 989 989

Technically, evolution and creationism are separated by about 14 billion years. If your going to teach creationism, shouldn't that be in astronomy class? What does the fact that organisms have DNA which allows them to pass on traits to their offspring have to do with the creation of the universe?

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