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Comment Re:Suckers (Score 1) 59

That's a neat trick there were you chose the most expensive installation. A few posts here have already said it only cost them 200$ (presumably the "no-complications" price.) 200$ one-time + 45$ a month is a drop in the bucket for AirBnB houses than regularly make 4k+ a month. Explain to me how that's not worth it on the whim alone. And that's 45$ on somebody who probably favored renting your place because of the charger if it's being used. If nobody bites, 200$. That's peanuts.

Comment Re:Well, you *can't* trust open-source code (Score 1) 157


On the other hand, many (most?) people are taught or learn programming in the same way or much the same way

Citation needed.

When I was a lad we started programming in BASIC (not "Visual Basic, I mean 10 PRINT "HELLO WORLD" 20 GOTO 10) and moved on to Pascal in high school. The standard language of instruction in universities has gone from C to C++ to Java; most folks today probably pick up Javascript or PHP as their first language.

Comment RedHat 2.0 in the beige box (Score 1) 135

A floppy, a CD, and a couple manuals. 0.9 kernel and fvwm as the X window manager. Found it for, I think, $25 at a Software Etc in the Red Cliffs Mall in St George UT. Since OS2 was a couple hundred and I was looking for an alternative to Windows 3.11 I picked it up.

I remember a Comdex in the late 90's when Linux was going corporate and every company seemed to be basing their distros off of Red Hat and SuSe and I asked an engineer why they didn't use Debian. The reply was "The problems with Debian are Deb and Ian".

Comment Re:Half the story (Score 1) 212

I believe trademarks are where corporations should be able to protect characters of a franchise that is still being actively monetized.

Absolutely not. The purpose and justification of trademark is consumer protection, to prevent counterfeit goods. It's to ensure that when you buy a pair of jeans marked "Levis", they're actually made by the Levi Strauss company. The only relationship trademark has with creative works is to disallow you from selling, say, a shoddy Superman t-shirt in a manner that would make the buyer think it was from Warner/DC.

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