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Comment: Real World: Redmond, Washington! (Score 1) 168

by SNAPPLEX (#40766959) Attached to: New Reality Series: Be the Next Microsoft Employee
LOL. It may seem kind of strange, and maybe a little dramatic in the eyes of the typical technology enthusiast but I like what Microsoft is doing.... As an X-ComputerCoder I think it is great to show people that there is more out there than just computer technology! Expand their horizons in what they can do with THEIR life.. When you work for a large coorporation you seem so unvaluable, you feel like a number among your co-workers. This is a great way to give people the sense of being somebody unique. Theres a lot more to life than work/computer technology. :./ -- SnappleX

Comment: shouldn't be needed (Score 1) 210

This should go without stating.. oh wellz :/ In the United States you are allowed to photograph or video tape anything as long it is on public property. Otherwise you are infringing on their privacy rights. There are a few exceptions. i.e. in a hospital where doctor/patient confidentiality could be breached, some high level officials such as military/secret services/national security or if your intent is to use the photographs to cause illegal harm to others... although state, local and national laws may vary. -- SnappleX

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