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Comment Re:Too late (Score 3, Insightful) 444

I'm not going to wade into the minefield regarding the sexual misconduct case, but I'd most definitely consider the Jeep story to be pretty damn relevant for anyone building computer-controlled devices. Let's see: computer-controlled car with a radically different user interface compared to almost any car in the last 60 years or so. And, unlike Windows 8 or GNOME 3, we're talking about something with potentially life-threatening implications.

Back to the subject at hand, I'm very glad to see Sourceforge getting repaired, even if a lot of projects have moved elsewhere. Monocultures are a Bad Thing in my view.

Comment Better hardware support than Linux? (Score 1) 149

Are you kidding? I've found that Illumos is not at all friendly to white-box hardware. Examples:

Some 2-port AHCI cards mysteriously fail after a random amount of time (oops, there goes my L2ARC device until I reboot).
AHCI hot-swap on my motherboard SATA ports is a game of Russian roulette. I'll randomly get write errors on other drives when I slot a drive in. At least hot-swap worked well on my SAS HBA.
Hardware sensors that work fine with lm_sensors on Linux are not at all usable on Illumos, which expects IPMI.
KVM on Illumos? Not if you have an AMD CPU.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally ditched my home OpenIndiana system (was running 151a9) and threw CentOS 7 on it with ZFS from the official ZoL repo. Yeah, it has systemd. So far, I've found that systemd isn't any worse than SMF; I can live with it. Things that wouldn't work in OI work nicely on C7. The ZFS pool imported without a hitch, though I had to rework my sharenfs options and do a little tinkering to get sharesmb to work with Samba. It was worth the effort. I no longer need to use crazy ACLs to get my shares to work as expected, another plus. I might try later to run a ZFS root, but for now I'm using MD-RAID mirrors for the OS itself.

Aside from the better hardware support, a big advantage of CentOS is that I don't have to worry (as much) about something breaking when I update the system. OpenIndiana's new Hipster approach is fine if you're the type who would run Debian Sid on a server, but that's not my style. Add to that, there's no clean upgrade path from 151a9 to Hipster.

I wish them well, but my foray into Solaris-land is over.

Comment High-end phones will always be battery hogs (Score 2) 208

Those fast CPUs/GPUs and large-pixel-count screens are going to suck up the juice. Consider going a notch down instead - a 720p screen and a 4xx series processor can handle things quite nicely. The LG G Stylo has the same battery as the G4, but the battery life is flat-out awesome. With moderately heavy daily use, I rarely see below 60% remaining battery life when I plug it in for the night.

Like the G4, the battery is removable and there is an SD slot.

Keep in mind that the T-Mobile/MetroPCS version is better than the others; it has 2GB RAM/16 GB internal storage vs. 1GB/8GB for other carriers.

The main drawback to the Stylo is that LG purposely crippled the camera; there are very few shooting modes available, and no manual controls, even though it's the same camera hardware as (at least) the G3. Fortunately, XCam LG will run fine on it, even though it was intended for the G3.

Comment Re:Why not both? (Score 1) 239

One potential problem with the typical brushless DC motor is that it has permanent magnets using rare earth elements. The rotor in an induction motor, on the other hand, is just copper and iron. Induction motors can operate on variable frequency as well (the Tesla cars are a very good example of this, as are locomotives with AC traction motors).

Induction vs. brushless is a tradeoff of compactness vs. expensive rare earth elements.

Comment Re:Wow - Sony are imploding (Score 5, Interesting) 65

I always thought that Sony's acquisition of Columbia Pictures and CBS Records were long-term colossal mistakes.

Old Sony: made cool stuff, fought tooth and nail for consumer rights (example: the Betamax case that went to the Supreme Court).
New Sony: all about DRM and lock-in, fights tooth and nail against consumer rights.

I liked the old Sony better.

Comment B+ fixed the USB problems (Score 3, Interesting) 355

What's with all the ACs in this thread, anyway? Yes, the original A/B models had crappy USB, but the A+/B+ have much-improved circuitry, to the point that for most things you'll never need to bother with adding a hub.

I set up a B+ as a Bluetooth audio streaming box, and, while running off a 1000 mA power supply, the USB is stout enough to power a keyboard, mouse, Bluetooth dongle, and a Focusrite USB audio interface, all plugged into the onboard USB ports. That would have never worked on the older model.

Comment Re:Car alarm symphony; real bells (Score 1) 790

That's still around, at least in Russia. I'd say that the Car Alarm Symphony should be Russia's official disaster anthem. A lot of the YouTube videos of the Chelyabinsk meteor and its aftermath featured it as a background soundtrack after the shock wave hit. Then, there's this gem, a wrecked truck of gas cylinders. Each time one blows up, the videographer's car alarm decides to join in. Note the SAM launch at 3:15 or so. There's a dashcam video that shows how it all started, too (with strangely appropriate music on the driver's radio).

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