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Comment: What did they expect? (Score 1) 304

by SICKECHO (#39232483) Attached to: Active Video Games Don't Make Kids Exercise More
I'm not sure I understand the mentality of the game developers. They design a "game" to encourage kids to be active and fit, yet the premises on which the game works involves staying inside and playing videogames.... hmmmm that's probably it right there? I never had this issue when I grew up, my parents kicked my ass out of the house if I stay inside too long, so maybe the parents are to blame for fat kids? Either way staying inside and playing videogames is not the solution for making kids more active.

Comment: I don't want to live on this planet anymore! (Score 2) 233

by SICKECHO (#39232417) Attached to: Valve Reportedly Working On 'Steam Box' Gaming Console
I love Valve, I love Steam as a PC distribution platform. However we don't need another reason for developers to exclusively develop for consoles, or in some cases write the code for the consoles and make a shitty port for PC's which is often done. I hope PC's will still have companies developing games for them, certainly the indie developers will keep making games for PC because it's such an easy platform to distribute and test such games. Any thoughts?

Comment: Re:Selective breeding over generations is GM (Score 1) 249

by SICKECHO (#37482864) Attached to: What You Eat Affects Your Genes
Evolution is a fancy way of saying mutation. Who knows what all this processed food, sprayed with chemical and possible genetic modifications is going to do to our species in the long run... We need more organic farms, there's no legitimate long term studies of what these chemicals can do to us...

Comment: Basic Psychology (Score 1) 163

by SICKECHO (#37458298) Attached to: Don't Study the Video Game, Study the Gamer
Either they gave up on using video-games as a scapegoat for neglectful parenting, or they finally figured out that video-games don't turn teenagers into psychopaths. It's sorta of obvious, at least to me that if a person with already existing psychological problems is exposed to increased levels of violence or violent images, and is easily impressionable bad things are going to happen!

Comment: Automata Engine 1.0 (Score 1) 149

by SICKECHO (#37080518) Attached to: Carmack On 'Infinite Detail,' Integrated GPUs, and Future Gaming Tech
The Automata Engine 1.0 looks to be a step in the right direction, some of it's features:

* multilayer 3D canvas, composed of pseudo-voxels
* voxel-based sprites, composited via ink effects
* 3D sprite-based lighting
* cellular automata rule engine
* multiple rendering paths for optimization
* multithreading
* audio engine, configurable via externally defined "rules."
* time-sliced stats module -- allows sound to be tied to the number of voxels, for instance
* game levels and level transitions
* movers, colliders, streakers (objects that add cells into the environment)
* two camera impementations: simple and "follow"
* XBox, Windows, and soon Windows Mobile 7

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