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Comment Re:Not a Piece of Shit (Score 1) 128

We have four retail clothing stores. Each store is scanned by the card processor once a quarter. Once a year I have to fill out a Self Assessment Questionnaire which addresses the default password issue among other things. It's a royal pain in the ass. I failed scans in the past for having our systems locked down so tight that the scans were blocked. That seemed ideal to me, but the processor saw it differently. I had to white-list their ip range.

Comment Re:Thanks for peptuating (Score 1) 164

The side effects never really went away. I started at the doctor recommended dose but later cut it in half. That helped greatly. The hardest one for me was reduced libido. Cutting the dose in half helped that. I would describe the overall feelings as low dose LSD (I'm an old deadhead). Also BS about needing to build up levels is just that, BS. Once I weened off, I would occasionally take half when I felt the storm clouds building. Eventually I was able to just stop completely. Hope this helps. If you or your husband need anything just reach out to me at jtebrak with G's mail service.

Comment Re:Thanks for peptuating (Score 3, Insightful) 164

Paxil saved my life. I took it for about 18 months. It allowed me time to learn to deal with my issues. That was 10 years ago. I gradually grew to not need it. Don't let anyone tell you different, for some peoples, antidepressants are a huge factor in the quality of their lives.

Comment Re:Windows 8.x is un-usable without Start8 (Score 1) 200

This all reminds me of the transition to win 95, or win 1. Hell, I can still remember playing with the Gem environment. I'll never forget the old DOS years when a new game meant an hour of fucking with config files so you could play. I just fixed a win 98 computer (not connected to the internet) that runs abandonware software for my job. I'm typing this now on my wife's win 8.1 tablet. Do I like it? Not much, but hear I am.

Submission + - Can Sony dominate the next generation? (

kube00 writes: At the end of this year, we are expecting two new consoles from both Microsoft and Sony. A new generation of games will be born. The question Sony needs to answer is, how to dominate the video game console industry and ensure their replication of success from the era on PS1 and PS2? Goozernation takes a look at some of the ideas that made the PS3, PS2, and PS1 successful.

Submission + - Raspberry Pi in iPod (

peterburkimsher writes: "The Original PiPod!
I thought that the Raspberry Pi was too bulky for my pockets. So I soldered some new connectors, and put it inside the shell of an original first-generation iPod!
Hopefully a Model C will be released so that the Pi can be compatible with iPod cases in future.


Submission + - Virginia Republicans propose taxing hybrids while eliminating gas tax (

mozumder writes: This one is odd. Republicans in Virginia are attempting to bring a surcharge tax on hybrid cars in a misguided attempt to raise transportation funds. Hybrids reduced gas usage cuts into the gasoline tax revenue per miles driven. But, at the same time, the Republicans are proposing eliminating the gas tax altogether, so that it only becomes a tax for having a hybrid.

Can any of our freedom-loving Republicans that make up the bulk of our Slashdot audience explain this one? If this is "freedom", let's make sure never to have "freedom" ever again.

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