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Comment Re:cognitive science (Score 1) 418 418

Can't help myself. "If loud pipes save lives, imagine what learning to ride that thing could do!" I ride a sportbike. My solution: Never ride side by side with anyone. If I need to get around people I wait for car infront of me to get past them then speed up, minimizing the time I spend next to them. Sure, this doesn't work very well in heavy traffic...but thats the risk we take.

Comment Few problems (Score 1) 148 148

These apps pop up every once in a while. Unless your phone GPS is really accurate, you run into: - Accuracy problems on your raceline using inaccucate GPS. These require an external GPS unit - I don't give a damn about my "lean angle" - I do care about accurate tracking of throttle and brake sensors which this app lacks The last point is really what the expensive units like GPX Pro deliver: you can overlay your brake/throttle zones on the GPS data of the track, and replay your laps, looking for places to improve (brake later/deeper) Not to mention that crashing with a phone on your bike makes for a more expensive crash.

Comment Re:Tell me about Russian politics (Score 1) 304 304

Having lived through the fall of Communism and the ensuing implementation of market economy and democracy, also known as "selling off the country", I completely understand mistrust Russians have for government, but we're at least fairly open about the "elect the lesser of the two evils". Who else would you like to see in power? We joke about electing the same people for 2nd term because they spend the 1st one stealing as much as possible so they can build themselves a castle, and so maybe during the 2nd term they'll have enough and try to do something for the people as well.

Remote Kill Flags Surface In Kindle 630 630

PL/SQL Guy writes "The Kindle has a number of 'remote kill' flags built in to the hardware that, among other things, allow the text-to-speech function to be disabled at any time on a book-by-book basis. 'Beginning yesterday, Random House Publishers began to disable text-to-speech remotely. The TTS function has apparently been remotely disabled in over 40 works so far.' But what no one at Amazon will discuss is what other flags are lurking in the Kindle format: is there a 'read only once' flag? A 'no turning the pages backwards' flag?"

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