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Comment: Re:Doesn't work in the US (Score 1) 368

by Rui Lopes (#39967285) Attached to: The Dutch Repair Cafe Versus the Throwaway Society

Europeans and especially Dutch tend to spend time together. Sit at cafes getting high, eat at a restaurant and have some fine wine, and socialize with people. The same is true for Asians and Australians too. And the American people introvert culture isn't a new thing that came with computers - they did this before geeks too. Sitting in front of TV watching mindless shows and eating TV dinners, alone.

pretty much my experience living in San Francisco (I'm European, btw).

Comment: Re:accesibility standard: no javascript (Score 1) 287

by Rui Lopes (#35516562) Attached to: Advocacy Group For the Blind Slams Google Apps

I'm currently working on a couple of government projects that must adhere to the latest accessibility standards, and they include this little doozy: no javascript.

Completely, and utterly false. WCAG 2.0 (i.e., the latest accessibility standard for Web technologies) does enlist Javascript as a supported technology, and provides several techniques to successfully meet the criteria.

Comment: Re:HTML *was* simple (Score 5, Informative) 298

by Rui Lopes (#35032324) Attached to: The Abdication of the HTML Standard

Remember when it was ok to use a "b" tag, and no one scoffed? How about table layouts? It's funny, the new standards aren't always better.

  1. 1) Download the NVDA screenreader
  2. 2) Learn about the problems induced with your comment
  3. 3) Spread the word!

If you still think it's actually not better, sorry, but you should have 10 blind persons hit you with their canes...

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