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Comment Re:I can slack off anywhere (Score 1) 529

Sadly you posted this AC and I don't have mod points, but this is spot on. While don''t work at Yahoo, I've worked for companies in a similar downward spiral. I suspect that more than a few people have become disenchanted and lost motivation. Sometimes, a bit of a "reset" is needed.

Comment Re:But the cost? (Score 1) 356

I'm not aware of any crushing weight problems in the steel server racks...

For most server racks. probably not as there is a log of empty space in standard servers. Here at $WORK, we have a MAID array for archival storage. Since the drives in the unit only spin up (and get hot) when needed, the array contains many more drives than a standard disk array. This makes the unit quite heavy, and could overload the floor on some buildings. Luckily, this is on the first floor, so it won't come crashing through the ceiling.

Comment Re:SPARC T4 is only the beginning (Score 1) 128

Except he has a point. Some organizations still have an investment in a Solaris infrastructure. For some small to mid sized companies the M series are a too expensive for what you get, while the T3 is too underpowered for a database. Hopefully the T4 will try to fill that gap, especially in the price category. Will the T5 eat into other platforms? I have my doubts there as I think this is all in the 'too little too late' category.

It's too bad really, as Solaris is a nice OS. Time to work on yet another career course alteration.

Comment Re:C programmers? Wanted! (Score 1) 582

That's a very interesting observation, and goes to explain a few situations I've encountered. I'd always assumed that most people tend to associate with others that are like themselves. Given a few similar candidates, they will hire someone that most closely resembles themselves.

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