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Comment Re:Baffled? (Score 1) 172 172

It amazes me that stores sell monster packs of AA batteries (like 30 or 40) that people must obviously be buying, instead of more people using NiMH. I've had a couple NiMH batteries fail unusually early, but most have been working for years through dozens of recharges. Definitely the cheaper option in the long run.

Comment Re:Mind games (Score 1) 89 89

Exactly. I think the whole point of a good AI is that it will be able to simulate these 'mind games' and take advantage of whatever data the interface gives it. Unfortunately, I see no indication that the computer will have things like cameras and microphones that could allow it to look for tells other than the opponent's play action. No indication it can talk to the players either. So not as interesting a test as it could be.

Comment Re:Why bother? (Score 4, Insightful) 128 128

It really does seem like an odd 'adventure'. The guy is basically sentencing himself to a year in solitary confinement, with the added bonus of possible catastrophe at any moment. No indication from the article that he's doing it to raise awareness of global warming, or to raise money for some cause, or even to gain some scientific knowledge. I can't even imagine a particularly good book deal coming out of this.

I think he could accomplish as much by spending a year in a Schrodinger box.

Comment Re:modern...ftp? (Score 1) 263 263

A lot of people have mentioned this, and I think the proper reply is: If this is they way the restaurant management is thinking, then they are misusing the web, not understanding what the customer really needs/wants, and are not going to be successful.

As somebody else said up above, restaurant web sites are often terrible because they value form over substance. My favorite sites have a PDF of the menu, or an HTML menu available. The menu on the web site should be accurate, up to date, readable, accessible (to the blind for instance) and searchable. These are the proper priorities. Having it look like handwritten text on a chalkboard? Not so much.

If you -are- using a chalkboard inside the restaurant, is retyping the menu onto a device for upload to your website more work? Of course it is. Too bad.

Comment Re:200 dollars is too expensive (Score 3, Interesting) 94 94

If you'll read my other comment you'll see that I basically agree with your assessment. However, for a consumer product, this amount of markup is probably reasonable. You'll never get a raspberry pi, wifi adapter, bluetooth adapter, battery and video screen to fit into that form factor. That's where engineering design and packaging, and custom circuit design come into play. And the software has a price too. Even if you or I could cobble up the basics of this product on our own, it still might be useful for the average consumer.

All that said, I do wonder whether the market can bear a $200 price for this device.

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