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Comment Re:What about Snowden (Score 4, Insightful) 270 270

I'm providing a counter to an argument that this is somehow Snowden's fault. Whether it's allowed or not isn't the end of this though. Expect strong encryption to become more and more commonplace. The NSA overreached and the consequence is that its job will become more and more difficult going forward. That's not Snowden's fault, the people who made these choices at the NSA have to answer to their actions and explain what the hell they were thinking when they decided that a) "collect it all" was sensible policy and that b) they would some manage to keep this a secret indefinitely.

Comment Re:What about Snowden (Score 5, Insightful) 270 270

That would be an asinine argument. It's obvious that the NSA has massively exceeded its authority and needs to either be reigned in or disbanded completely. It's one thing to gather intelligence on other governments and another thing entirely to indiscriminately scoop up all electronic communication, including that of US citizens, indulge in corporate espionage, undermine the security protocols the whole world relies on, and so forth. Snowden did the honorable thing and the world owes him big time. The NSA needs reform and there needs to be consequences for those found to have authorized such unconstitutional and illegal actions. Start by charging Clapper with perjury and work from there.

Comment As a woodburner ... (Score 1) 1143 1143

This makes sense. The efficiency of older stoves is just terrible. By fine-particular matter they mean smoke, or unburned wood gas. Newer EPA stoves have some steel tubes, with holes drilled in them, which introduce air into the top of the firebox. Given the stove's internal temp is high enough to cause ignition, this oxygen mixes with the unburned wood gas and ignites, providing more heat, less pollution, and greater efficiency. One thing that also needs mentioning is that burning wood is carbon neutral, if you're harvesting wood and letting it grow back. This isn't a fossil fuel, global warming issue.

Comment Re:Surveillance fatigue? (Score 2) 610 610

Run for office. Donate. Call your reps. Write to newspaper editors. Encrypt your data and communications. Run a Tor node. Let your friends and family know your views and educate them. Offer to secure their computers. Start/join local protest groups. File FOI requests. Start/fund lawsuits. There are plenty more. My point is that there's always something you can do and being defeatist when the leaks aren't even over yet isn't going to help positive changes come any sooner.

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