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Comment: Too bad drones can't reveal government corruption (Score 5, Informative) 208

by Rotten (#47996601) Attached to: Drones Reveal Widespread Tax Evasion In Argentina

That's a drone i would love to see flying.

In Argentina we have drones watching general population private property for tax declarations.

We got camera domes on most corners, but nobody is monitoring them, and certainly not even police cars to dispatch to those locations.

We got a vice president who evaded taxes, declare nonexistant addresses, but nobody cares.

We had a commerce secretary -a real character, funny guy- he intimidated people -mafia like-, got taped and nothing happened.

We got a gunpoint robber, got caught on GoPro by the victim, he's not in jail, he's on the TV, he's a rockstar now.

We got some official car (senator) drivers that got caught trafficking cocaine....rofl, nothing happened.

We even got a NGO for human rights with more than 5000 bouncing checks, but it's not so NGO since it's heavly sponsored by the government, and those bouncing checks - for some reason - never got into the credit rating system (magic!)

We got a spike on meth precursors for 2 or 3 years, (10x efedrin imports from 6 tons to 60 tons) and the permits for that trace back to phone lines to the presidential building! yay! way to go Argentina, nothing happened besides 3 witnesses got killed -executed- and...yay! nothing happened!

We got no radars guarding our borders, the only smuggling small planes we know about, are those that crash land from time to time.

So, there's nothing new in a drone/plane/satellite catching tax evasion. I want the corruption spotting drone. That would make "news for nerds" or "stuff that matters".

Comment: Basically it's what a security agency should do (Score -1) 241

by Rotten (#47073699) Attached to: WikiLeaks: NSA Recording All Telephone Calls In Afghanistan

I endorse privacy, but i have to recognize that this practices are the most probable cause of why we have not seen more 9/11's in the last 10 years. I gladly pay the price. Of course one could think that there's more elegant ways to achieve the same, but when this started, elegance was not a choice.
I believe the practices will change over time and under public pressure, achieving the same goals without having to analyze every single communication around, besides the privacy concern, is really not that efficient...

Comment: Nothing new here - RAM/DISK scans are part of AC (Score 1) 511

by Rotten (#46276363) Attached to: Gabe Newell Responds: Yes, We're Looking For Cheaters Via DNS

Anticheat software have been scanning memory forever.and when if scans memory it's obviously comparing data to a pattern to decide if tha'ts a cheat or not.

Not sure what's the difference between you mail account lying open on the background holding all your personal communications beeing scanned by punkbuster or vac, or the dns cache beeing scanned too.

Code caves, hooking, etc. I'm not sure if anticheat software can't beat online game cheaters.

Comment: Metadata (Score 4, Insightful) 256

by Rotten (#45607567) Attached to: NSA Tracking Cellphone Locations Worldwide

Depends on how you define metadata. Nowadays the line between privacy, metadata and your last name, habits, shopping, etc seems to be a single "SELECT" line involving one or two tables.

The information is obviously a valuable law enforcement tool. Just like phone records, like wiretapping (under a judge auth.).
At least my perception, way before snowden and all the latest leaks, was that this was actually happening. This is just a confirmation.

Would be great if, as in wiretapping, this would be supervised by justice, and used only in criminal investigations. Sound naive ...i know

Comment: 2000-2013 comparison (Score 1) 241

by Rotten (#45538385) Attached to: Nasdaq 4000 — This Time It's Different?

Economy is in a much better shape now. Top 10 NASDAQ companies are producing tons goods and giving 1000's of jobs to the people.
Thanks god society is eager to buy those "likes" thingies that boost the economy. And what about those "character" things? 1 is not enough, everybody wants 140 of 'em!

Comment: Android mod world (Score 1) 197

by Rotten (#42050837) Attached to: Popular Android ROM Accused of GPL Violation

Android mod world (modded roms, cyanogen forks, custom kernels, etc) has tons of examples like this. People who distributes compiled kernels and refuses to share their patches because that way they would "loose" their "exclusive l33t" kernel, since some other modder/coder may "steal" their job (which is basically some minor editing or patch merging on top of a real kernel for 10 lines of code to make something happen).

Comment: Fallacious II (Score -1) 134

by Rotten (#41036753) Attached to: Nintendo Ranks Last In Conflict Minerals Report

"Conflict Minerals", it's a whole misleading concept. The Conflict is human, those minerals can be found at Eastern Congo, and are available in many other places.

Eastern Congo is the only available source, nor the most important or #1 producer of any of the so called "Conflict Minerals".

It's sad when political agenda mixes up in EVERYTHING. This is clearly -IMHO- of another NGO acting in the publicity area against companies who do not follow or play along their agenda.

my 2 cents

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