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Comment: Eavesdropper in the middle? (Score 1) 247

An email address travels through several systems between you and the other side. This applies to the time when you fill in your email address in a web form, and even more so when the company sends out emails to your address.

Thus, it may be premature to conclude that the fault is with the company. Eavesdropping may have occurred at any of the intermediate systems.

Comment: Re:A short list (Score 1) 547

by Rotaluclac (#40800411) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Clean Up My Work Computer Before I Leave?

After that, one should clean the free space on the disc. If you have no rights whatsoever, the simplest way to do that is by filling up the disc with random files until it's full. Then erase the filler files and you're done.

I do this by creating a text file called 'a' for simplicity, 4096 bytes long, containing only the character 'Z' (which makes for a nice binary pattern). In a DOS prompt, I issue commands like

copy /b a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a b
copy /b b+b+b+b+b+b+b+b+b+b+b+b+b+b+b+b c
copy /b c+c+c+c+c+c+c+c+c+c+c+c+c+c+c+c d

to fill the disc. However, if you even do not have access to a command prompt, multiple copies of any other file will do.

Comment: Only one-way transfer? (Score 5, Interesting) 403

by Rotaluclac (#39743317) Attached to: Europe Agrees To Send Airline Passenger Data To US

Europe sends data about all financial transactions to the US. Does the US send data about all financial transactions to Europe?

Europe sends data about all airline passengers to the US. Does the US send data about all airline passengers to Europe?

Long ago I thought we were equal. Obviously, one of us is more equal than the other

Comment: Re:Autism (Score 1) 1007

by Rotaluclac (#39665005) Attached to: Lack of Vaccination Sends Babies In Oregon To the Hospital

Sounds nice, but...

What if the wife gives in, you then have kids, and 6 to 18 months after birth (or whatever is the time for vaccination), she changes her mind? I've seen it happen...

What if she changes her mind, tries to re-discuss the issue with her husband, finds she can't convince him, and only pretends to give in. She says she'll bring the child to vaccination, but in reality, she doesn't. She just lies to her husband.

The problem is: if a mother firmly believes that this is in the best interest of her child, and if she believes vaccination poses a risk to her beloved little child, then those feelings are so overwhelming, there's nothing she can do to fight them.

I've seen it happen...

Comment: Re:Why use utility poles at all? (Score 1) 153

by Rotaluclac (#38746916) Attached to: Google Fiber Work Hung Up In Kansas City

Ah, as ever the pedestrian has to deal with ripped-up pavements whilst the motorists are mollycoddled. Can't possibly require that car to drive around a hole in the road.

A trench of 50 cm or narrower doesn't really hurt when the sidewalk is about 2 meters wide. It was only a minor nuisance.

Where people could be expected to want to cross the trench, they made wooden "bridges" every 100 meters or so.

Comment: Why use utility poles at all? (Score 5, Interesting) 153

by Rotaluclac (#38745960) Attached to: Google Fiber Work Hung Up In Kansas City
This question may just show that I'm from Europe... But I really wonder: why use utility poles at all? What's the reason? Here, almost all cities and towns got a fibre-optic network during the last three years. I too have a fibre connection in my home, just like the rest of my town. During all of these activities, utility poles weren't even considered. It was clear from the start that the fibres would go underground. Everywhere. So narrow (50cm or narrower - that's about 1 to 1,5 feet for non-/. readers) trenches were dug in every sidewalk. Where roads had to be crossed, a kind of horizontal drill was used. The same for going from the street to my house: a narrow hole was drilled under my front garden, leaving no visible trace of the fibre. (Actually, it may have been more "pushing" than "drilling", but that's a minor technical detail). I'm just saying - im my state of mind, going underground is just sooooo logical, that alternatives weren't even considered. Why is it so different in the USA?

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