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Comment: Re:host blocking (Score 2, Informative) 206

by Ross Finlayson (#32343396) Attached to: Privacy Machiavellis

Here's more: hitbox.com imiclk.com imrworldwide.com optimize.indieclick.com insightexpressai.com invitemedia.com i.ixnp.com kona.kontera.com media6degrees.com mediaplex.com a.netmng.com overture.com pointroll.com pubmatic.com questionmarket.com quantserv.com edge.quantserv.com pixel.quantserv.com revsci.net tap-cdn.rubiconproject.com rubiconproject.com b.scorecardresearch.com scorecardresearch.com serving-sys.com sitemeter.com specificclick.net specificmedia.com statcounter.com tacoda.net trafficmp.com tribalfusion.com w1.tcr62.tynt.com w1.tcr70.tynt.com w1.tcr112.tynt.com undertone.com ads.undertone.com voicefive.com ox-ads.widgetbucks.com wa.marketingsolutions.yahoo.com yieldbuild.com open.ad.yieldmanager.net ad.yieldmanager.com e.yieldmanager.net zedo.com

Comment: Re:host blocking (Score 2, Informative) 206

by Ross Finlayson (#32343386) Attached to: Privacy Machiavellis

Don't just stop at Google. Add the following to your hosts (e.g., /etc/hosts) file to stymie all sorts of mysterious 3rd-party tracking and advertising services: 207.net 2o7.net 247realmedia.com 33across.com 3dstats.com abmr.net adbrite.com adbuyer.com ads.addesktop.com addthis.com adn.fusionads.net adnxs.com adparlor.com adrevolver.com media.adrevolver.com adsonar.com atdmt.com amgdgt.com adserver.adtechus.com advertising.com uac.advertising.com afy11.net aggregateknowledge.com bluelithium.com ads.bluelithium.com bluekai.com burstnet.com casalemedia.com ping.chartbeat.net clearspring.com a.clickclicknetwork.com a.collective-media.net collective-media.net contextweb.com data.coremetrics.com crwdcntrl.net doubleclick.net ad.doubleclick.net n4403ad.doubleclick.net pubads.g.doubleclick.net dotomi.com eyewonder.com fastclick.net www-google-analytics.l.google.com video-stats.video.google.com google-analytics.com ssl.google-analytics.com www.google-analytics.com googleadservices.com partner.googleadservices.com wintricksbanner.googlepages.com googlesyndication.com pagead2.googlesyndication.com

Comment: They should check the Southern Hemisphere data too (Score 1) 276

by Ross Finlayson (#29554055) Attached to: A New Explanation For the Plight of Winter Babies

It would be interesting to see the corresponding data from developed Southern Hemisphere nations (e.g., Australia, New Zealand, Argentina). Are underachieving children in such countries more likely to have been born in June-August (the cold months) or in January-March (the same as in the US)? And how does the education level of the mothers correlate with this?

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