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Journal Journal: Ya... so uh where's those WOMD?

Just wondering... They can't find anything, can't get saddam... GG BUSH!!! You had two things you wanted done and you didn't do them. Congrats.

Journal Journal: First journal entry - Bush's Speech 2

Ok, so Mr. Bush's little speech was quite intresting today - let me first say when he started accepting questions, it almost seemed to me like he had a little something something in his ear with someone telling him what to say. Compared to his previous opening speech, he paused quite a bit. So what does that mean? Well, either he DOES have something in his ear, or he is just a slow president.

As far as what he answered about "personal" feelings, it was quite obvious he has personal vendettas against the middle east, most likely steming from his father. As soon as the question was asked his demeanor did a flip and his facial expressions turned from serious to scared, although he tried to hide that with a smile.

Lets think about something.... if you needed resources from a part of the world - if your friends and family depended on this resource - and in the past there had been aid to this part of the world so much that it basically defied "the moral prime directive," what would you do? I personally would make up an excuse to try to take over that part of the world to make it easier for my friends and family to make use of the "resources."

Lets just say that the resource in question is in fact oil. Even though Mr. Bush commented in his state of the union address that he would like to see alternative energy sources, I don't feel he was being completely honest, and HIS best intrests were in his mind. His best intrests would be to take over a region where 80% of the worlds oil comes from, as to keep the oil "regime" that makes up parts of the american culture alive.

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