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Comment: This will pull undecided votes (Score 1) 523

by Rooked_One (#46068135) Attached to: RNC Calls For Halt To Unconstitutional Surveillance
no doubt about it. If you voted for obama, and are now in the middle because you pay attention to what's really going on behind big media, you're probably going to be really ready for what the other party has to offer. Especially when you hear on all news sites about how we're turning into a police state silently but surely.

Comment: Twitters IPO made me think about IRC (Score 1) 120

by Rooked_One (#45385099) Attached to: Twitter's Fake Followers Watching IPO Closely
and how you could never make a dime off it - unless i'm just that out of touch. The only people who made money are the ones that got it for the 26 dollar IPO price, and since everyone has been waiting for the next big google, facebook, etc, they simply bought into it without knowing what twitter really is - an app amongst apps that is used by people who generally don't have a lot of money (under 18 yr olds)

Comment: The thing created turned on its creator (Score 2, Insightful) 189

by Rooked_One (#45105479) Attached to: Patriot Act Author Introduces Bill To Limit Use of Patriot Act
in a sense.

The retardlicans created the patriot act so they could do "this and that," but now that the dummycrats have been using it, the rerardlicans think its bad.

Now, sit back and realize the people making all of these decisions are your elected officials.

Comment: Show the reporters of bugs you care and appreciate (Score 3, Insightful) 205

by Rooked_One (#44249141) Attached to: How Do You Get Better Bug Reports From Users?
... their efforts to reach out to. They are actively trying to help you make your program better. I am not a programmer, however growing up in the pre-nintendo tech days, I know what a bug looks like. I've reported many bugs, and the only response was from Charlie on the Natural Selection (Half-Life mod) team. As much help as he had been in the past when I lost my account info and helped me retrieve it when he was just a one man team, basically, the response back was lacking. I chalked it up to being busy.

If you're telling me you have time to program, but can't take the time to read an email that's bullet-pointed with very specific details and at least respond like a grateful human, then I am just going to say you have way to many e-mails to respond to or you're lying. In the prior, get more help. In the latter, please seek help.

Comment: The root of this problem could also be pointed at (Score 1) 230

by Rooked_One (#43913533) Attached to: New Drugs Trail Many Old Ones In Effectiveness Against Disease
... the patient, or patient's caregiver's.

I can say this from experience, growing up with parents that thought there was a magic pill for everything. I suppose them not having any religion, could have contributed to this, *just* as much as money.

I say this because, again, people want a magic pill. Doctor says "Oh there this new thing we'll put you on." Patient takes it and is unable to google anything, or pre-google, just took it with absolutely no knowledge of what negative side effects it could have. I was personally put on every anti-depressant of the early 90's, and they did a number on me. I guess being diagnosed by a shrink at the age of 12 (this was around 1989) with ADD simply by me looking up when the madman snapped his fingers after giving me a puzzle to complete. I'd look up and say "what?" He would say nothing, then repeat that process. Looking back, I should probably sue the guy as i'm sure the transition of that to methamphetamine later (Rx again) could have only harmed me in my pre-pube days.

Comment: Its OK mister salesman (Score 1) 417

by Rooked_One (#42490111) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Using a Tablet As a Sole Computing Device?
we realize you've never taken a time out of your trickery, debauchary and entertainment time to learn electronics. Let me put your mind at ease. I've got a friend who didn't, until very recently, get a smartphone let alone know how to use a computer. He has no idea how to create a directory (folder) by simply right clicking. The first time he saw a window being drug across two monitors was like seeing a bootiful woman for the first time. I'm serious - he had half a pack of rolaids in his pants.

You should be able to do all your business with just a tablet. If you need to do something complex, you're at the mercy of finding someone else who knows the device really well, or using that brand new youtube thing to get a tutorial. Be careful using that though, because if you find the dark side of the internet, you won't be able to leave, and you'll lose your 6 million dollar account that hangs on you jumping through a hulu hoop immediately after beer-bonging a six pack.

Best of lucky, and always come back to get unbaised, unsarcastic, and completely true advise

Comment: Why not look for nuke teasting? (Score 0) 211

by Rooked_One (#42104771) Attached to: Hairspray Could Help Us Find Advanced Alien Civilizations
I mean... we only set off "one" before hiroshima, however we as a collective earth, decided a couple of thousand, plus some, was needed

Well - If I were an alien, I would know to steer clear of that third rock.

Time-Lapse of every known nuke. -

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