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Comment Perhaps when you're a contractor (Score 1) 892

I was recently employed as a contractor. I got, and accepted, an offer for a full time position with another company (with quite nice benefits). I asked friends about whether I should give notice or just quit, they said give notice. So I did, and the next day they fired me. There was no hard feelings, I understood it didn't make sense for them to keep training someone for a job he wasn't sticking around to do. But it did put a bit of a crimp on my finances as I had some unexpected time off before starting the new job.

If I could do it again I'd wait until Friday and just quit.

Comment My mom was a computer too (Score 1) 113

After the war my mom took her degree in mathematics to Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland where she did this kind of work. She said she'd calculate artillery ballistics. She also told me they processed some of the evidence of atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis, though she wouldn't talk specifics. She turns 89 next week. Happy birthday mom!

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