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Comment: Re:So... (Score -1) 176

by RocketRabbit (#48413211) Attached to: Microsoft Releases Out-of-Band Security Patch For Windows

They are collecting all our data and sharing it with the NSA though. A few National Security Letters and bam, whatever Google has the NSA has too.

It is also reasonable to expect that the NSA has agents in place at Google as well.

Plus there's the suspiciously strange fact that Google just built a huge datacenter right next door to the NSA as well...

Comment: Re:I wonder how long the NSA (Score -1) 97

by RocketRabbit (#48141529) Attached to: Windows Flaw Allowed Hackers To Spy On NATO, Ukraine, Others

OR, was the intelligence that the NSA was collecting from Russia using the same vulnerability valuable enough that the NSA didn't want the hole closed despite the fact that it was also being exploited by the Russians?

OR, did the NSA discover that the Russians using this attack and decide to use it to feed them some bad intel?

I mean, sure, the NSA has suffered a leak or two lately, and their characteristic odor has been found wafting about certain vulnerabilities such as the OpenSSL hole, but let's not pretend they are just blundering incompetent fools here. Unpopular, Gestapo-esque, Orwellian? Sure. But not stupid.

Comment: Re:Beecher was a fraud! (Score -1) 193

And this, sir, is why we're fucked and it's also why "science" is becoming a religion. Immune to criticism, repetition of mantras, accusations of insanity toward anybody who disagrees, and all the hallmarks of every fundamentalist ideology.

As I said in the first post, the societal momentum behind this kind of thinking is too powerful to overcome, and you're an exemplification of this thesis.

Comment: Beecher was a fraud! (Score -1) 193

If you look into the fraud perpetrated by Beecher you'll start to question whether or not there is even any "placebo effect" that can not be attributed to other, more rational and reasonable explanations such as the natural healing process.

Sadly, while the individual can indeed research these issues themselves and come to the proper conclusion regarding the largely unwitting fraud otherwise known as drug testing, the momentum in society and especially the medical community can not be easily overcome.

Comment: Re:The best keyboard is the IIGS ADB original. (Score -1) 304

by RocketRabbit (#48099535) Attached to: The Greatest Keyboard Ever Made

I have read about, but never seen these computers. There used to be an amazing variety of computers and they all ran BASIC so one was instantly conversant (more or less) with them.

We have a sort of sad, overpowered monoculture these days. The loss of BASIC as the default operating environment across the board is perhaps the biggest tragedy of the late 20th century. What we gave up in the jest for speed was the idea that everybody could be a programmer.

Comment: The best keyboard is the IIGS ADB original. (Score -1) 304

by RocketRabbit (#48094799) Attached to: The Greatest Keyboard Ever Made

The best keyboard is the IIGS ADB original first version board. The key switches are by Alps (built like a Swiss watch), it is heavy with a solid metal frame under the plastic, the control key is in the correct place UNLIKE THE MODEL M and it also has a proper latching caps lock without a moron light.

With a Keyspan USB adapter this old Apple keyboard will work fine with any modern computer, and if you have a Mac you can even daisy chain old ADB equipment off it because Apple has kept a load of ADB drivers in OS X "just in case!"

If you want something with a more standard PC layout, that has high quality, the Apple Extended Keyboard II is also good, but like the model M (and UNLIKE the IIGS keyboard) the keys are just mildly clicky. The IIGS keyboard has the most clickety keyboard OF ALL TIME.

I shouldn't be telling you this as they are already $70+ used but what the fuck, I have a few extras.

Comment: Everyone needs 2010 America level consumption? (Score -1) 652

by RocketRabbit (#48075131) Attached to: Living On a Carbon Budget: The End of Recreation As We Know It?

Who says so? The whole global warming scam has already been exposed despite the shrill and constant propaganda to the contrary. Alternative fuels and wind / solar are already in wide production, and electric cars are a thing too.

These eggheads want neo-feudalism, and they spelled this out clearly years ago with Agenda 21. Prince Charles will still go big five hunting in Africa, but you will be chipped and tied to your home county unless you spend your saved-up carbon credits for a trip that will have to be approved.

If you think I'm nuts read the fucking UN's Agenda 21 documents yourself. The future ain't looking too good, but you will be told how green it is. Too bad you won't be allowed to see it from your one room carbon-neutral cubical / apartment / bathroom.

Comment: Re:DAESH, not ISIL (Score -1) 478

by RocketRabbit (#47980513) Attached to: US Strikes ISIL Targets In Syria

So we should be supporting the Iranians when they call the USA a Zionist lackey?

Or when North Korea calls the USA a den of reptiles, that is OK?

Or is this one of those good for the goose, but not for the gander type situations that we somehow ALWAYS seem to find ourselves in?

It's fucking Islamic State dude, no matter how much you close your eyes and stamp your feet.

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