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Comment: Shocker: ABC News tries to cover for Hillary (Score 1) 478

ABC News went into full panic mode today and tried to cover for Hillary by finding Republicans that might be guilty of the same thing. They quickly put together a story about a Republican Representative who had a gmail account on his business card

Mission Accomplished - except for the embarrasing fact the Congress is not subject to FOIA/archive laws.


Comment: Proper response - attack Scott Walker (Score 1) 478

After the story broke, several pundits commented that the media will drop the Hillary story as quickly as possible and start digging into Scott Walker's email usage. Sure enough, the first article has appeared. Walker "blurred the lines" while in county government:

Comment: Re:Politics aside for a moment. (Score 5, Insightful) 478

What does this have to do with Benghazi? If anything there's a major difference in that Clinton actually did something wrong in this one.

Well, we don't actually know that, do we? And that was the whole point of her conducting her job via personal email. She can completely cover her trail on any and all issues. Her staff combed through her email and only released the completely innocuous emails into official channels. She adopted this strategy, undoubtedly, because of her Presidential aspirations.

It really speaks volumes about her character (or lack of it).

Comment: Future of Physics (Score 1) 210

by RoccamOccam (#49076465) Attached to: Interviews: Ask Stephen Wolfram a Question
I very much enjoyed "A New Kind of Science" -- thank you. Despite the criticisms (in some cases fair), it is an astounding achievement. In it, you write that you believe that the methods developed in your book could lead to a fundamental theory of the Universe. Has your opinion on this subject changed and has there been any progress (of which you're aware) along these lines?

Comment: Surface Pro 3 (off-topic, mostly) (Score 0) 120

by RoccamOccam (#48941761) Attached to: Wi-Fi Issues Continue For OS X Users Despite Updates

Maybe this is a good time to complain about my WiFi issues with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. When it wakes up, I always have to disconnect and reconnect from the access point. When I go between home and work, I expect it to automatically connect to the appropriate access point, but I always have to do it manually

Apparently, these are known issues. I love my Surface Pro 3, but it would be great if this was addressed.

Comment: Python Assignment (Score 1) 648

by RoccamOccam (#48858225) Attached to: Justified: Visual Basic Over Python For an Intro To Programming

First of all, I love Python. I get to program in Python all day.

However, I often wonder if Python's assignment methodology confuses students that move on to other languages.

In Python, an assignment is actually a naming operation, and not an assignment. On the surface, this seems to be the same thing, but it really is different. The other languages, with which I'm familar, do not operate like this.

One can't proceed from the informal to the formal by formal means.