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Comment ehh don't think so (Score 1) 342

Just like MSFT's patents they are not the first to do it (and once again being software its based on math which has already been ruled can't be patented). In this case Windows OS's have had this ability since evil Active-x was created, we see it happen on spyware/adware affected pc's and even in running chat programs like Yahoo chat and MSN chat. Therefore because 1) Math isn't patantable, therefore software can't be patented and 2) Apple is not the first to do this I don't believe this "patent" should be allowed.

Comment Re:DOD Guidlines. Re:"The only fireproof (Score 1) 527

pfft they don't do that at all. Any given hdd could have any level of security on it at any given time. Hard drives, like all "excess property" goes to a DRMO (defense reutilization marketing office) where they are either distributed out to other units who could re-use it or disassembled completely. Circuit cards are even cut up for the elements.

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