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Comment Re:It's teh googlezzzz!!!! (Score 1) 142

He's right you know, back when Gmail first came out I was amazed at how it was not much better than hotmail and the email provided by my ISP and Outlook Express.
Oh wait, no, that's no right is it? That's not right at all!

Everybody used hotmail or their ISPs email servers.
They accessed it with POP and all their mail resided on a windows 98 machine which kept losing it all.

To my memory It's the first example of a web-application with cloud backed storage.
At the time it blew my mind.
It was also the 2nd example of the single-text-box-searched-all-meta-data paradigm that treats the the backing store as a blackbox db type affair.
You don't file anything as such, you just search for what you want.
First I saw was iTunes and how it just stored music, er, somewhere and you just typed a few letters from the album name.
Amazing how that idea de-cluttered everything.

Comment Re:Already denied (Score 2) 382

IMO It's not done because unless you legislate this stuff private companies are not going to something that doesn't have a reasonable return on investment.

Basically there's no money in it.
And I bet the airline isn't paying for squat when it comes to search & rescue fees, that'll all be coming out of the taxpayer's pocket I bet.

woo capitalism. .

I bet if you enforced a €10,000,000 daily file for every day the plane's not found, then you'd see so many tracking equipment blisters and antenna spikes on a get it would look like a flying hedgehog.

Comment Re: How can the situation be improved? (Score 1) 513

For those of us outside the US, can we get some context?
What's Fast Broadband? 10Mbps? 100? 1000?
What's Slow Broadband? 1? 10? 100?
Here in the UK I have FTTC (fibre to the curb) which gets me 80 over 20.
Without FTTC you get 5-10 off of ADSL2+.
So theoretically I can stream a blu ray.
I can download anything faster than I need.
That's £26 a month + the £14 for the phone line.

There's also cable internet up to 100.

Also you can get FTTP (fibre to the premises) but I have no idea what the point of that would be

Comment Re:It's about time. (Score 1) 731

Also there are schemes like "Verified by Visa" where you are asked for 3 random letters from your password which is of a minimum required strength.
That works over the phone.

Other security features and tings that have been rolled out in the UK and probably the rest of the EU:
2 factor authentication for your banking - your bank sends you a little doohickey which you put a pin in and in generates a short key.
NFC payments, pay by swiping your card over the top of the machine (£20 max)

Then again, in the US you have Google wallet and NFC payments on your phone?
Which is in some ways even more advanced than what we have here!

Comment Here's the stuff I know/use (Score 2) 299

I wrote a longer post but I lost it, so here's the links:

LMMS ("Compatible with many standards such as SoundFont2, VST(i), LADSPA, GUS Patches, and MIDI")

Ardour (A DAW, but maybe useful)

Rosegarden (Best sequencer, with Lilypad notation support, has actual printed literature you can buy)

Audacity (PCM swiss army knife ;)

The Cloudsto MK802IV LE, £80 ARM PC-onna-stick for doing music production on (Toys!!! *8D)

Who needs a Mac or a PC when you can run it all on the CPU your phone uses?
Not tried it myself but for £80, I need to get one and have a go.

Comment Re:Spell it out the first time (Score 1) 279

Here's some more useful information from the TFA that I never knew and is interesting:

"What it means in ‘layman’s’ term is that if I am distributing software which has code from various developers I don’t really have any right to defend the project in case of any conflict. The code authors own the copyright thus only he/she can engage. What [Contributor License Agreements] do is grant me, the distributor, rights of that code so I can defend it without having each code writer to intervene. It becomes easier if a projects has hundreds of contributors. So in case of FSF or Apache the primary goal is ‘defense’ of the project."

So I guess this is necessary otherwise anyone could just take the name, logo and source code and make "My New Ubuntu 20.54" and there is nothing Canonical could do about it without getting written permission from every single developer with at least one line of code in the Ubuntu and upstream source base.

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