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Comment: Re:Who was burning fossil fuels then? (Score 4, Insightful) 437

Because there can't be both natural and man-made causes for warming and cooling? Really? That seems arbitrary, especially if it's just the argument from disbelief.

We've got very good evidence that there are climate cycles, and very good evidence that we should be cooling right now, but we're not. We have very good evidence that we're warming specifically because of our own actions, and that's overwhelming the natural cycles, both in speed of change and intensity.

If you are comfortable with natural cycles, then the physics of artificial change should not faze you, because the physics behind them is the same. If something can be changed by natural forces, then it can be affected by artificial ones of sufficient scale and intensity. Excluding the latter is simply ignoring evidence.

Comment: OCD (Score 1) 194

by Robear (#44276557) Attached to: I use a screen protector ...

It's interesting that the number of people who use it on larger screens (where finger swipes and oily debris are more obvious) matches the percentage prevalence of OCD in the US. About 1%. It would be interesting to know whether people do that to help keep the screen easy to clean and thus clear of irritating smudges and the like.

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