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Comment Re:BBHC Global L.L.C. (Score 1) 97

From Steven Rhue's Plaxo profile, he graduated from Wahoo High school in Bumf** Wahoo, NE in 2002, so he is only about 26. His Plaxo profile also has links to both Chet Uber's and Susan Van der Gaast's Plaxo profiles.
His Linkedin profile shows him living in Lincoln, NE, which fits with other things I read. It also shows him owning/related to T.G.B.S Construction, which I haven't found anything on.

Comment Re:bogus (Score 2, Interesting) 97

If you like that then check out the linked site for BPH Global. besides being a) the same color. b) the same cheap-ass Drupal. c) even crappier looking (if possible)., click on the Background link and read that. I have read better written spam emails which want to give me millions/make my p3n1s bigger/ sell me v1agra. For thos not wanting to waste your time traveling there, I give you the treasure that is their background:

If you audience are in the field of Information Technology, the term "information theory" is almost always attributed to the word of Claude Shannon, but BBHC Global LLC looks into pre-computational information -- as well as the forms which use the measure of content as a relation to entropy. This section will discuss for our audience the various types of "Information Theory" as we best understand them, along with samples to illustrate. From this we look into applications of the various theories.

Comment Sensational...ism (Score 5, Informative) 163

Sensationalism - A manner of over-hyping events, being deliberately controversial, loud, self centred or acting to obtain attention. It is also a form of theatre.

Yep, that's pretty much it.

Just because he found the super-secret directory, and wrote a program that would read it. Of all the evil, nefarious things to do.

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