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Comment: Re:Why does it have to be systemd? (Score 1) 442

by RinkSpringer (#49554561) Attached to: Debian 8 Jessie Released
[Disclaimer: I've clicked through the slides, not watched the presentation] - yet your comment makes me feel you may expect too many changes, much too quickly. You see, the opinion of a co-founder isn't necessarily the opinion of the entire project. Anyone is free to contribute whatever he/she feels like the project needs; whether it will be adopted may be an entire different matter. Core changes like these _will_ get quite of lot of discussion, likely because the rc system 'just works' and I would not expect it to be changed anytime soon by something that hasn't matured. Note that this is just the expectation I have from working a few years within the FreeBSD project, so YMMV, etc.

Debian Gets FreeBSD Kernel Support 425

Posted by timothy
from the types-like-this-kept-me-out-of-good-schools dept.
mu22le writes "Today Debian gets one step closer to really becoming 'the universal operating system' by adding two architectures based on the FreeBSD kernel to the unstable archive. This does not mean that the Debian project is ditching the Linux kernel; Debian users will be able to choose which kernel they want to install (at least on on the i386 and amd64 architectures) and get more or less the same Debian operating system they are used to. This makes Debian the first distribution, and probably the first large OS, to support two completely different kernels at the same time."

California Classes LED Component Gallium Arsenide a Carcinogen 495

Posted by timothy
from the tooth-fairy-is-a-cat-burglar dept.
Reader LM741N, pointing to a report released this month by California's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, writes "Gallium Arsenide has now been listed as a carcinogen. Given the increasing usage of gallium arsenide, the main constituent in LEDs, and their recent championing as more efficient light sources in recent news stories and Slashdot, there may be significant environmental concerns as related to their disposal. Morover, workers in industries using the substance may be at risk of cancer as well."

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