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+ - The KillerNIC - Is It Worth It?

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Pugetsystems writes "In the ongoing efforts to squeeze every possible performance improvement out of their computing rig, most folks focus almost exclusively on the two heavy hitters in their system when it comes to generating frames per second (FPS): CPU and video card. Is it possible that both consumers and hardware manufacturers have been overlooking an untapped area for improvement? Read more,"
PC Games (Games)

+ - Do PC Games Have A Brighter Future?

Submitted by Hoi Polloi
Hoi Polloi (522990) writes "The New York Times has this article that seems to contradict all of the gloom and doom over the future of PC gaming.

This quote is especially interesting: the first two months of 2007, domestic retail sales of PC games reached $203 million, a 48 percent increase over the $136.8 million in the period a year earlier.

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