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Comment: Same tired old line (Score 3, Insightful) 33

by Rigel47 (#48551339) Attached to: The Rise of the Global Surveillance Profiteers

“There is a real question here about the public’s need for privacy and our need for security. If we come down 100 percent on the side of privacy, which seems to be in vogue in tech right now, we are putting ourselves at very legitimate risk. And to ignore that is foolhardy. I think, by and large, we and the other people who are protecting this software are working to keep people safe.”

Translation - STFU or the big bad terr'sts will come get you. We know what's best.

Same as Obama's mealy-mouthed "we need to balance civil liberties with our security." No, in point of fact, we don't. A whole lot of men died in the Revolutionary War specifically to give us independence and the bill of rights. Now the very same would-be guarantors of our "freedom" (as such) will trot out the "balance" argument to do whatever the fuck they want. And sadly we've become such a nation of distracted pussies we go along with it.

Comment: More than cash and cc (Score 4, Insightful) 375

by Rigel47 (#48502081) Attached to: The Cashless Society? It's Already Coming
Let's see.. things that won't be digitized anytime soon:
- drivers license
- gym card
- business card
- all those proximity reader entry cards for everything from zipcar to work
- work ID card
- subway / bus card
- discount / membership cards

Not to mention that my wallet never runs out of power or is otherwise rendered inoperable. Nor is my wallet susceptible to malware. As a bonus I can keep a stash of backup meds in my wallet in a little plastic container. It has a pleasant all-natural leather makeup that wears beautifully with time. And frankly it's a lot more dignified to have your amex clatter onto the bill at a fancy restaurant than it is to pull out your phone and beep-boop-beep up some app. As a side bonus at least some part of my life isn't under the NSA's review when I use cash.

Comment: Re:Bah hah hah (Score 1) 120

by Rigel47 (#48470975) Attached to: BlackBerry Will Buy Your iPhone For $550
So your argument boils down to "blackberries can be hacked if only anyone cared to." Which speaks nothing to the various government agencies that have given it the highest security certifications (pretty much all heads of state use blackberries) nor the reality that blackberry stakes its reputation on security whereas the other two contenders are "best effort" when it comes to security.

I agree that no systems is perfectly secure but your argument is specious at best.

Comment: If the FCC actually did its job (Score 2) 67

and weren't a complete waste of taxpayer money these robo calls would never happen. I have for YEARS been getting the same pre-recorded message call to my cell phone promising me to lower my credit card payment. Searching the internet shows hundreds of folks complaining about the same -- down to the very spoofed caller ID number. I've filed numerous complaints online at the FTC and yet fuck all happens.

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