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Comment: He definitely never has been on monkey class... (Score 4, Informative) 128

by Ries (#47372547) Attached to: FAA's Ruling On Smartphones During Takeoff Has Had Little Impact
"use the time to sleep and chill out." my ass. I recently had a 31h flight (24h of them inside the planes) on monkey class. There was nothing pleasant over it, it was a means to get from A to B. The whole flight was survival and sleeping in that upright position was not a choice, it happens when the mind is so tired that it barely can't feel the discomfort anymore. You do anything to try to keep your mind occupied while being crammed in that seat for a full day, with the only break being getting out of the plane, to be scanned for bombs for the X'th time, just to return to the same plane and same seat...

Comment: Re:Is this a video news release? (Score 1) 390

by Ries (#40372585) Attached to: Young Listeners Opt For Streaming Over Owning
Hit the available offline button. Isn't that hard. Spotify sync across all my devices, only downloads when on wifi (or on 3G if you enable it). I own a few CD's I never listen to after a few months. I rather have access to a few millions songs that are constantly updated, than own 6-12 CD's i won't use after 1 year (The cost of spotify premium a year in my country).

Comment: Re:The most important lesson in life being taught (Score 0) 663

by Ries (#39709767) Attached to: Florida Thinks Their Students Are Too Stupid To Know the Right Answers
If stealing is moralily wrong, does that mean it is moralily wrong to steal a bottle of penecillin, if it would prevent a child to live in agony the rest of its life? There is no such thing as objective morality. If all jews where hell-bent on killing all non jews, would it be evil to kill them first?

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