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Comment: Re:reality is librul (Score -1) 670

by Ricomyer (#28662897) Attached to: Study Highlights Gap Between Views of Scientists and the Public
If roughly 50% of the public is Republican there seems to be a sampling problem here. I seriously doubt only 6% are Repubs. I can understand if 80% of the media are Demsc...but these numbers are way beyond that. That would also explain the % that believe global warming and evolution because those are political beliefs of the Liberal Religion.

Comment: Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 1475

by Ricomyer (#26487573) Attached to: Google Challenging Proposition 8
Billions? Name one major religion which thinks gay marriage is a good thing. Before the sexual revolution virutally all theists thought gay marriage was a crazy idea. The Google corp's official stance seems to be to fight against religion, at least in this way. But basically it just ticks me off when I find out money I helped a company make has been given to hurt society.

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