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Comment: Maybe the 170 million don't care to have the world (Score 1) 456

by RickyG (#40033651) Attached to: Online Loneliness At Google+
Facebook, where every Tom, Dick and Mary tell their life stories daily. Google+, where if you want to contact a like minded individual, you do, without all the bandwidth hungry apps, targeted ads for your sex, age group, possible ED, and annoying popups. Hmm... sounds like there are some not driven by the maddening crowd.

Comment: Just think of all the jobs! (Score 1) 199

by RickyG (#39100949) Attached to: UK Government To Demand Data On Every Call, Email, and Tweet
While there will be the inconvience of the government knowing all that you are talking, texiting and complaining about, think of all the jobs this will provide for those that will have to sort and determine who to check out as a terrotist! Why, with all the unemployment in the Muslim community, there is a "willing" body of people that would just love to sit at a computer reading all your mail! And of course, since you all have to be "PC", just because they are not "true" English people, you can't deny them the jobs! Can't wait for it to expand to the US! End of privacy, and Unemployment at the same time!

Comment: Foundation (Score 1) 240

by RickyG (#37694186) Attached to: US Intelligence Mining Your Social Network Data
I remember a famous series about a world system that was based on the "predictions" of a master scientist, and how it all fell apart when the unaccountable was entered into the equation. For those with the grandiose idea that they can "prevent" changes that they don't approve of by this current effort, reminds me of the story of an ant standing on a railroad, holding up his hand to stop the train.

Comment: Re:Science. (Score 1) 361

by RickyG (#35579484) Attached to: Sludge In Flask Gives Clues To Origin of Life
In legal terms, there is the concept of "chain of evidence" meaning that the material has not left authorized hands, nor sat on a shelf unattended for 53 years. If this was a murder trial, that "chain of evidence" would be completely broken. If this is required to prove the death of someone, it surely must apply to prove the "life" of something.

Comment: Clip and paste (Score 1) 204

by RickyG (#35423108) Attached to: Unmasking Anonymous Email Senders
I guess we will have to do like in the "old" days. Clip words and letters from newspapers and magazines, and paste them in the email... Another trick. Send it through a translator to another language, then back to your native tongue. There is always something "missing in translation" and one of them is always the style of the writer...

Comment: Re:Not as useful as you'd think for the same reaso (Score 1) 289

by RickyG (#33361932) Attached to: Canon Unveils 120-Megapixel Camera Sensor
I would hope that Canon, a big name in lens for years, would be working to overcome that limitation. It is hard to imagine that they wouldn't be doing something in the lens field to match and make the sensor usable. But, maybe as the report had stated about the 50 Megapixel not showing up, as you said, it is that difficulty they haven't overcome. It is like being given a $1000 bill and no one having the change to break it...

Comment: Think the other way (Score 2, Interesting) 289

by RickyG (#33360672) Attached to: Canon Unveils 120-Megapixel Camera Sensor
If you have the technology to make a 120 megapixel camera, reverse your thinking. Can you use that technology to decrease the size of your current product, so that a standard 8 to 10 megapixel camera is so small and compact, that it meets the needs of the growing phone/ipod/iphone/ipad industry?

Comment: Why would any Smart machine want to contact us? (Score 1) 452

by RickyG (#33343002) Attached to: Look For AI, Not Aliens
Look at it this way. If all that is out there are Smart machinces, why would they want to contact biological life forms? And what would motiviate them to leave a planet? They would have to hardwired "Hairwire" to continue the "passions" of biological beings, which is not of benefit to rational machine enities. Even the Borg had to have a Biological factor to desire to 'assimilate' others. No matter how smart the toaster is, it will see no advantage in looking for bread to burn out its elements. It will be happy to collect dust and stay put.

Comment: Need to blend this with a space suit (Score 1) 83

by RickyG (#32841014) Attached to: Doctor Invents 'Zero Gravity' Radiation Suit
Sounds like the boys from NASA should get hold of this technology, since the guys in long term space are being bombarded on a regular basis. It might cut some of the current suits mass down, or give the mass over to particle stopping material, instead of radition protection. Even in the ISS, the exposure rate must be high.

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