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Comment Re:I'll tell you how- they're turning the internet (Score 3, Interesting) 194 194

How about the young people in this country? They are struggling now. With every recession they are being laid off and than they have to start all over again. That means they get the lowest pay, least amount of vacation and other benefits. But hell lets throw another bill at them. Democracy will not suffer when we demand that people pay to be informed. When I was a child I could look at the nightly news at 6. Rabbit ears would get me at least 4 channels. Now I would have to spend at least a thousand dollars to have a tower build for an antenna to receive those channels. The nearest broadcasting station is around 70 miles away. I believe that digital tv is uhf and that does not travel as far. I guess the young can rely on billboards to even know who running for president let alone what their policies are.

Comment Re:Not the best title (Score 1) 72 72

Why is is that after more than fifty years of progress, the United States is taking more time to put humans into orbit than it took to go to the moon? I would think that our ability to put humans in the ISS would be a far greater priority than saving the first stage of an unmanned launch.

Comment Re:We're in it together (Score 1) 367 367

I think in the near future we will all live underground. Our homes will last for centuries and will be a lot more energy efficient. They will be self cleaning and have virtually no maintenance. All transportation will be automated from door to door. There will be no commercial district as most products will be delivered from the factory. All those jobs will just disappear. Tourism will also disappear as virtual reality will be far more interesting and easier to accomplish.
We will live in homes that are extremely comfortable all the time. We will be safe from insects, sunburn, bad weather, and even other people. For most people there will be no incentive to leave their homes. Conversation will be with computers. Drugs that make us feel far better than sex and a lot safer will be invented. Most people will have almost no interest in any other human as all their needs and desires will be met by machines. A lot of countries do not reproduce enough to replace its present population. The United States would not increase its population if it were not for immigrants. I believe that in the year 2100 the world's population will be closer to what is was in the 1900's than what it is today.

Comment Re:Markets, not people (Score 1) 615 615

In 1980 I was working for a computer manufacture. I was selling hard drives for a thousand dollars a megabyte. Those hard drives are worthless today, even if they worked. I think that even hard drives of today will be worthless for the average person since we will replace them with ssd and the cloud. The point is what people value today will become trash in just a short time even if they still work perfectly. Self driving automobiles will make ownership of automobile outdated. Robots will probably build houses underground. The houses will be cheap to make and will last through even the most severe weather since they will be underground. I see people living in mostly free housing and transportation. The problems will not be poverty but will be that a lot of people will not know what to do most of their time. People with a lot of spare time usually just get in trouble.

Comment Re:Never (Score 1) 181 181

i want a vehicle that when I started it, it will communicate with a cell tower along with every other vehicle in that area. I want a computer in that tower to know where every vehicle is and controls the speed at which that vehicle is travelling. By controlling the speed of all the vehicles it should be able to prevent almost all accidents. I can see freeways where every vehicle is travelling at the same speed. No need to worry about blind zones since no one will ever pass anyone. Everyone would still have to drive their own vehicle but for most trips one would not have to use either the acceleration pedal or the brake until the very end when one is looking for a parking place. There should be a monitor in every vehicle that would have a map of the area and display all the vehicle in that area. If for instance a snow storm or fog blinds everyone, the computer would tell all the vehicle to slow down at the same time thus avoiding collisions. It should not be much of a problem to ensure that everyone is obeying all traffic laws.

Comment Re:What an Embarrassingly Vapid Article (Score 1) 477 477

Your changes are minor compared to what I see.
First most shopping will be done on the internet and the products will be delivered. This will result in a huge reduction in the need for commercial property. Think about it. Just the fact that a parking lot will not be needed will reduce the need by over half and then the store will be able to use all of its space efficiently(shelves from the floor to a 20 foot ceiling since robot will stock and remove items from them).
Second meals will be cheaper than buying food and cooking them so they too will be delivered.
Third most homes will therefore not have a kitchen or a garage. This will result in a reduction in residential property.
Fourth Parking an autonomous vehicle will be considered a waste of that vehicle as it will probably have a waiting list of people to transport to their needed destinations.
Fifth Close to 30,000 Americans will not lose their lives every year do to accidents.
Sixth. There will be a reduction in traffic since one delivering truck will replace hundreds of individual vehicles.

Comment Re: Welcome. (Score 1) 391 391

Two super intelligent beings are talking.
First one. I am smarter than you.
Second one. No! I am smarter than you.
First one. Well I can create a being with half my intelligence and it still would be smarter than you.
Second one. Well I can create a being with a third of my intelligence and it still would be smarter than you.
Several seconds later.
First one. I can create a being with intelligence one billionth of mine and it still would be more intelligent than you.
Second one. Okay go ahead.
First one . Okay that planet over there looks good. I will create a being on it and we will revisit it after a million of it revolutions around its sun to see how intelligent it is.

Comment Re:Sound like... (Score 1) 80 80

The whole bloody point of the show was showing the caring relationship between the midwifes and their patients. It showed women helping each other and their patients. The odds that their would be 4 beautiful young midwifes is less than the odds that they would find 4 non-smoking midwifes. How could the smoking midwife maintain her clothes and buy her makeup and still have money for cigarettes? The smoking doctor had a son who would have been my age at that time. Did they show that boy waking up in the middle of the night because his father was coughing uncontrollably? No! it did not. I know I did and I experienced the fear that it gave me. The midwifes lived together in very modest home. It would have taken just one time where the smoking midwife fell asleep with a lit cigarette to burn that home down. It happened and is still happening today. They chose to show smoking but they also chose not to show any of the negative effects of smoking. It could have shown the smoking midwife at a store choosing to buy cigarettes instead of buying makeup, clothes, or even a birthday present for a fellow midwife or even a member of her family. If they chose to show accuracy, people would have not watched it. The question is whether more people would have watched the program if they left out the smoking than watched it because of the smoking. I think people watched the program to see the midwifes dedication to their patients and to each other and not because one of the midwives and the doctor smoked. I know I did.

Comment Re:Sound like... (Score -1, Redundant) 80 80

I watched a series on Netflix from the BBC called "Call the Midwife". It was a story about midwifes in the late fifties. One of the midwifes was a chain smoker and even smoked around children. I find it hard to watch a program where it shows people smoking as it does not in my opinion add anything to the story. It just shows their almost total disregard of their advertising of cigarettes. It is also a sell out to the smoking industry.

Comment Re:It's the production line (Score 1) 113 113

The female does not consciously decide to miscarry any fetus. So some part of the female brain is monitoring the status of a fetus and deciding who can live. Is that part infallible? I would think not, so with modern health care humans can probably do better than that part of the female brain. So maybe some abortion are done because that part of the female brain just failed to miscarry that fetus. There are probably more fetus being miscarried by some part of the female brain than are being aborted by some doctor. The point is there is no way one could possibly hope to stop this type of abortion and that abortions are a natural part of humanity.

Comment Re:It's done on purpose (Score 1) 368 368

Most stories whether they are sci-fi or not are based on past stories(Romeo and Juliet, Cinderella) and are basically just two steps).
1. Find something or someone to hate.
2. Rejoice when they are defeated.
There is not much difference between Harry Potter and Star Trek since they will say a few words and use some device to produce a desired result. In both cases the viewer or reader does not even need to understand why they produce any given results.
As for sexual commentary one only has to look at Playboy of the sixties or earlier. One can see just as much today on the beaches of Spain since Playboy did not show much of the virgina back then. Even now my spell checker does not know the spelling of virgina. I have two old large dictionaries that do not have it. They must maintain the sexual norms of today or they will not be seen or read by a larger per cent of the population.

Comment Re:clock speeds yes (Score 1) 197 197

One will pay one way or the other. Lets compare the cost of a free crt monitor to that of a $150 lcd. The crt will use more electricity to use so it will cost the $150 or more in just a couple of years unless one uses it an average of less than an hour a day. I use my computers a lot more than the average person since I do volunteer work for World Community Grid but a 6 core computer at a given speed will easily outdo 12 single core computers. I have run a 4 core computer now for more than 6 years and a 6 core for more than 2 years. The 6 core computers has done more work than the 4 core. So if one uses a computer for a significant amount of time it is cheaper to buy new. I buy old computers at thrift stores and garage sales. One can not even give them away anymore. For good reason as windows xp is not supported anymore and its the only one that will run satisfactory on even 1 Gigabyte of ram memory. Try to find that much memory of pc 100 or even ddr memory. One will pay a lot more than anyone would be willing to pay for the computer. People will ignore a hard drive of less than 500 Gigabytes. I installed a hp laser jet printer and it took over 200 Megabytes just for its drivers and software. I also run Ubuntu computer and it is not uncommon for it to have more than 100 Megabytes of updates. It is almost impossible to run those unless one has a modern computer.

Comment Re:Party loyalty makes you irrelevant ... (Score 1) 401 401

The whole system is wrong. The combined population of Alaska and Wyoming is still about 15% of the population of Michigan and yet they will probably elect two republican senators to the one democratic senator from Michigan. The difference between the number of votes for each senatorial candidate in Michigan will probably be more than the combined votes for the winners in both Alaska and Wyoming. Wyoming does not have enough people to rate even one representative in the house. So Michigan with nearly 20 times the people of Wyoming gets 16 representatives to Wyoming's 3 so they must be at least 4 times more powerful. The United States will almost never see the will of the majority rule. I would think that would be the test of a democracy.

Comment Re:They tried to raise prices 20% unnanounced (Score 1) 392 392

I use to have the triple bundle from charter(tv, phone, and internet). They will tell you that you can get all three for less than you are paying now but they do not tell you that after a couple of years you will be paying more. So I went to internet only for around $65 a month. That is a little high but at least I know that in a couple of years I will not be paying $150 a month. Early this year charter made everyone who gets tv get a tuner box. They did this because they could not block all tv reception from me as I could get around 30 channels without paying for them. After they installed the tuner I could not get any channels. I now get my tv through netflix and my phone through magicjack. I am satisfied with both of them so I am not interested in any of charter's plans.

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