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Comment: Re:Party loyalty makes you irrelevant ... (Score 1) 401

by RicktheBrick (#48300913) Attached to: US Midterm Elections Discussion

The whole system is wrong. The combined population of Alaska and Wyoming is still about 15% of the population of Michigan and yet they will probably elect two republican senators to the one democratic senator from Michigan. The difference between the number of votes for each senatorial candidate in Michigan will probably be more than the combined votes for the winners in both Alaska and Wyoming. Wyoming does not have enough people to rate even one representative in the house. So Michigan with nearly 20 times the people of Wyoming gets 16 representatives to Wyoming's 3 so they must be at least 4 times more powerful. The United States will almost never see the will of the majority rule. I would think that would be the test of a democracy.

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I use to have the triple bundle from charter(tv, phone, and internet). They will tell you that you can get all three for less than you are paying now but they do not tell you that after a couple of years you will be paying more. So I went to internet only for around $65 a month. That is a little high but at least I know that in a couple of years I will not be paying $150 a month. Early this year charter made everyone who gets tv get a tuner box. They did this because they could not block all tv reception from me as I could get around 30 channels without paying for them. After they installed the tuner I could not get any channels. I now get my tv through netflix and my phone through magicjack. I am satisfied with both of them so I am not interested in any of charter's plans.

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by RicktheBrick (#47898809) Attached to: The Future According To Stanislaw Lem

Life in the year 2100.
The entire population has moved underground. The planet looks more like it did before human arrived than it did today. One lives in a apartment that is totally secure and sound proof. There is a totally automatic transportation system in underground tubes. One can not even visit an address unless one has permission from the occupant. The apartment will not have a kitchen since all food will be centrally cooked and distributed. The rooms will always be at a certain temperature and humidity. Each room will be able to transform itself into a different room at the touch of a button. A bedroom can be a living room in seconds. All rooms will be cleaned daily with hot steam without ruining anything. One will wake up very early as there will be a pill to enhance sleep. One will go to their bathroom where the toilet will measure everything about the occupant and will recommend what foods and exercise they should do that day. One will than go to the exercise room where one will do their daily exercises. One will go to the eating room where one will find their recommended food. One will go to the communication room where one will watch over automatic production of products to ensure they are being done correctly. Some will be hired to reproduce. They will have to go to several years of training to be hired. Most will not even want to reproduce since one can talk to a computer without knowing it is a computer and there will be pills that make one far more high than sex could ever do. Everything will be free and since a pill will take the place of sex there will be very little interaction between any two humans. Human conflict will almost disappear so there will be little need of government.

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What the hell? I recently did a google search for chrome to install it. The very first entry on the list was a download that first installed a so called optimizer malware protector program. If one executes the program it will tell one that they have thousands of problems. Just send them some money and they will fix them for you. How am I suppose to know that the program did not install the problems and than ask money to fix them? It is the same as having people come to your door and tell you that your windows are not broken so pay us some money and we will ensure that they remain unbroken. If google will not help protect us from these people than how can I trust them to write a problem free browser?

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IBM advertises cloud computing. Why would they care if I know about their cloud? At the same time IBM is a sponsor of World Community Grid. WCG is the opposite of cloud computing as it is distributed computing. IBM ask for volunteers to give them access to their computers to solve a given problem. I think this is wrong since the total cost of all the volunteers to do the computing is more than IBM would spend to do the same amount of computing. I know that the cost per billion flops for a super computer is far less than I pay for on this computer. IBM does not pay for the computing since they are volunteers. If IBM could ask the volunteers to give them even half of the expenses that they have by volunteering their computers, than both would be better off. But how would it look if IBM asked for donations to support their cloud computing? IBM should build enough computing power in their cloud so that they could continue WCG without asking for volunteers. By doing that they would show prospective users that they have the power to solve any of their problems.

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by RicktheBrick (#47720005) Attached to: Study: Ad-Free Internet Would Cost Everyone $230-a-Year

Did you ever get woke up in the middle of the night because your computer is playing an advertisement? Slashdot is a big offender in this regard. Leave your computer on with an active browser with slashdot on one of the tabs. It does not even need to be the active tab either. It use to be that one had to allow the audio to start but now the audio will start even if one does not do anything to show any interest in the product. It is so bad that chrome will show a speaker on the tab where the audio is coming from. Does anyone think they can force interest in their product? I like some advertisements as some are informative but when some are trying to force one to watch or listen to them, I instinctively shut them off without giving them a chance.

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by RicktheBrick (#47688519) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Dead Is Antivirus, Exactly?

In the future most if not all products will be produced by robots. I doubt that the robots will be demoralized enough to quit. I think people will live underground in almost 100% secure buildings. The shell of these buildings will last for centuries and require less than half the energy of today. Every need will be delivered to the occupants. It will not be utopia since there will be little need for the occupants to leave their dwelling. They will become bored with their existence since there will be no problems that require their assistance to solve. Drugs will be used to alter the reality and there will be a demand for the drugs to be dangerous so that there will be an excitement in taking them. People will soon see little need to reproduce and the population will quickly be reduced.

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I live in a small city of around 10,000. In my lifetime, I have seen virtually all of the commercial business move from the city to just outside of it. There are big box stores with parking lots with more area than the stores. Just by eliminating the parking lots, it would save half of the area needed. By timing things well, one could even have the products be unloaded from the trucks to the self driving cars and totally eliminate the need for the stores. One could totally use all of the space in a store as one could store items 20 feet above the floor with very narrow isle. Robots would retrieve the items. So I see self driving cars reducing our need for commercial areas by at least one half. When we decide that building underground will save energy and life, than self driving cars will be so much easier to program as there will be almost nothing to get in their way. So I can see eliminating around half of our transportation needs, thus giving us a lot more idle time that we will have to fill with something.

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by RicktheBrick (#46919125) Attached to: Is Montana the Next Big Data Hub?

I can make a case for my hometown, Ludington, Michigan.
1. We have cheap labor hear.
2. We are close to several large cities(Chicago is only about 250 miles) and Universities(Michigan State, University of Michigan)
3. We have one of the largest pumped storage plants in the world for power.
4. A very small part of that water could be used for cooling. The temperature of Lake Michigan is still under 40 degrees.
5. We have 56 windmills in the county. There is a large potential area in the center of Lake Michigan for a huge number of windmills. There is a lot of wind there and no one lives there.
6. We have a harbor for recreational and commercial boating that has access to the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.
7. We have a large state and national park and a lot of small inland lakes for recreation.
8. Lake Michigan keeps us cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the rest of the state.
9. We do not worry about hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and even tornadoes as they are either never here or extremely rare.

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by RicktheBrick (#46913739) Attached to: Death Wish Meets GPS: iPhone Theft Victims Confronting Perps

I am sure that every thief would risk life in prison or even death over a phone. Than there is my case. I was walking in a park and happen to notice a phone on the trail. It was in three parts(phone, battery, and cover). It was wet so I took it home and used a hair dryer to dry in out. After I put it back to together, it worked. It did not have any identification on it so I called the numbers in the contact list. One of the contacts did call the owner who did call me. I answered on their phone and after finding out where they lived I drove over there and gave them back their phone. I did not get any reward of any kind so I did all of this out of the kindness of my heart. In the vast majority of the cases, I would think they would end peacefully but is it worth the risk even if it is one out of a thousand cases that end up bad?

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by RicktheBrick (#46869605) Attached to: Yahoo To Produce Sci-Fi Streaming Sitcom

No matter how far in the future a show pretends to be in, the people will still have basically the same attitudes, desires, and morality of the people today. They will not get enough people to watch it if they do not keep it so people can understand it. Most people do not even want to learn something from watching a show so everything must be familiar to them. Almost everyone of the sci-fi shows just continue our present conflicts into the future. I would hope that someday we can settle both personal and national conflicts without resorting to violence. Therefore for most of the show, the time could be today. They will probably mix some computer generated videos of some futuristic travel and weapons but those will be a very small part, time wise, of the show.

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To be fair one should compare the price of cooked chicken since they are precooked. Are the chicken breast both skinless and boneless? If not than one has to subtract the weigh to both of these to figure the true cost of the meat. I am sure that their product is much easier to prepare and serve. If one values their time than one would consider that too. I would think that one could microwave them and put them out with some sauce in no time at all. I would assume that they do not need to be refrigerated too so they would be much easier to store at home too.

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by RicktheBrick (#46849625) Attached to: Netflix Pondering Peer-to-Peer Technology For Streaming Video

How much of a television show is the same for every show? I think at least 10%. The opening theme song and closing credits take at least 4 minutes of the 43 minutes for each hour long show. Just by allowing a local cache for those times would save a huge amount of transmitted data. Than there are movies like "Blue is the warmest color". I am sure there are plenty of people who have stopped the movie just after the hot sex scenes. I am sure that they will start them over again and rewind them to the begging of the sex scene to watch them over again. Allowing them to save parts or all of a movie would again save tremendous amounts of bandwidth. But this would mean giving away content for almost nothing and would probably destroy the dvd movie business of both renting and selling them. If I have a local cache of any content than I should be able to watch that content off line. If and when I got enough content, I might decide to quit netflix and just watch that content over and over.

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I regret the large amount of space on my hdd. This computer is around 6 years old and it had a 500 gigabyte hard drive. When it was going bad, I looked into replacing it with a ssd. I had less than 100 gigabytes on the hard drive but even after making an image of the hard drive and booting from a flash drive the program would not copy the image onto a drive that was less than 500 gigabytes. I ended up buying another hard drive and got lucky since both were Seagate the program provided by Seagate did copy the original hard drive to the new one. Buying a ssd means one has to start over. This means one has to have a dvd with the ability to do a clean install of windows to the ssd. Most new computers do not have this option. Even then one has to reinstall all of ones programs and know where all the data for them are stored so one can copy them from the old hard drive. Lets take Realplayer for an example. It will allow one to download video from the Internet. But copying the video from one drive to another and having a clean installation of it recognize the video is a pain. Especially if one has renamed them. Look at the new computers at Walmart or Staples and one will not find one that starts with a ssd so until one can easily transfer everything from a hard drive to a ssd they will not be a option for the average computer user.

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