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Comment Re:"Heat death"? (Score 1) 199

I don't think you understand what I said:

Previously the common thinking was that the universe would likely go in one of two directions - endless expansion or eventual contraction, the endless expansion resulting in a "death by cold", due to entropy, there would no longer be any transference of energy between objects and everything would simply be neutral. The other being contraction, which would eventually bring everything closer and closer together - resulting in a "death by heat", where too much energy would be too close together, eventually perhaps leading to another bang/expansion.

In this story, objects, or life as we know it (or can suppose it) would cease to exist due to freezing rather than burning. Death by cold. Not death by heat. Death by lack of heat, death due to entropy.

Now, of course, there are alternative theories that break these two older molds, but...yeah.

Comment Re:Wheel size limitations.. (Score 1) 103

I was referring more to the wheels getting lodged in places on normal sidewalks or roadsides, where larger wheels would easily roll on thru - or getting shit stuck up inbetween the wheels preventing them from turning, seems any bits of trash would easily get caught up in there..

Comment Wheel size limitations.. (Score 1, Informative) 103

With wheels that small I can imagine that, unless you're on a very smooth even surface it will end up getting f'd up by rocks, divits, bumps, or just generally tiled/uneven textures that can be found all over. It's also not a whole lot smaller than those electric unicycles, except it goes half as slow as the average one and lasts far shorter distances - and carries less weight.

Useless product.

Comment Suitable change. (Score 1) 236

NK already goes by their own calendar system, based on Il-sung's date of birth, it's only natural that they select their own time zone.

The funny thing is - even though their calendar is "their own" - it's based on the same gregorian calendar months and days per month, coincidentally their self-selected timezone is also based on the int'l standard. They're essentially trying to say "fuck you we go our own way", KIGTOW? Except they're doing so within the confines of the system already set (or erm.... imposed) internationally.

Next up: Fatty Kim Jr. shaves his head, pierces his nose, and dresses like the "God King" from 300.

Comment Digital temperature controls! (Score 3, Insightful) 58

The future temperature controls?

"Augmented reality wall" - um, so, it looks like a panel that displays local information, it's hardly Minority Report style interactivity. Just marketing bullshit, tons of hotels, in Asia at least, have these features without advertising them as 'futuristic'. Most botique hotels in Hong Kong have all the digital room control functions on panels similarly designed, even, and have for years. I don't get how this is anything regarding 'future tech'.

Comment Turkey vs. China? (Score 1) 121

If Facebook is so willing to bend completely to the Turkish government's demands for censorship, I wonder why, then, it remains banned in China - being that the key (publicly accepted) reason circled around censorship.

I know that the Chinese government isn't so keen on allowing Facebook to operate in China at all, given that they are in support of local competitors, but in order to legitimately prevent Facebook from competing if they wanted to - they'd need to essentially abide by the same rules as the local competitors. They'll bend over for Turkey, but not China? Surely China is far more profitable if they had bent earlier while it was still available and making headway in the market.

Comment Re:I heard this days ago..and (Score 1) 238

Nobody, other than maybe ISIS, is complaining about the NSA monitoring ISIS communications. They're complaining about the NSA illegally monitoring innocent civilians communications and strapping it under the "stop terrorism" banners.

Since ISIS is a stated enemy of many governments around the world - and many governments around the world are actively fighting against them, it's hardly an apples to apples comparison you're making. What would be an apples to apples comparison - if some hackers took down ISIS websites, do you think their respective governments would put any effort into charging them with computer crimes? I'd sure as hell hope not. The fact the victim is an enemy of your state sworn to destruction, death, and chaos - displaying beheadings and shit on the internet hoping to strike fear in civilian lives - absolutely changes the fact that they 'broke the law', and if it doesn't, it should.

Comment Re:Regarding computing power.. (Score 1) 67

The same could be said for so many revolutionary next-gen leaps in technology, based on what is known at the time. Before they sent people up to space and to the moon, I don't think anyone was like "Yeah it's easy give us X and Y and it's done son." That's sort of part and parcel with discovering something new.

Comment Regarding computing power.. (Score 1) 67

The 'next big leap' is the important thing. Not relatively small incremental jumps over competition by fine tuning and addition of 'more of the same' - what I mean is, whether it's an entirely new architecture or more likely quantum computing, the leap is what will make the difference in competitive technology not the crawl.

I have no idea where China sits with quantum computing (or entirely new architectures), however, with Google banned and their investment in quantum computing and relationship with the 'western nations' I don't know if it matters.

Comment I'd be interested in some values on scalability... (Score 0) 117

"enough energy to warm up your breakfast burrito for two full seconds"

*stunned in awe*

So, since the experiment is effectively useless, some information on whether the same technology scales and what sort of energy would be required to heat a burrito for like, 2 minutes. Or does it not scale, so conveniently leaves that type of information out?

Comment The boy, or the docs? (Score 1) 59

All the love in the world for the boy who has hands due to medical science, that's wonderful for him - and his entire life, there are few things greater than providing a child with opportunities that they had lost before even coming to the age of reason or self-identification.

That being said, I don't get the title - why is it the boy who 'makes history', and not the wonderful doctors? It seems to me that it is the doctors responsible for this amazing transplant rather than the boy who received it.

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