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Comment: Re:This is the beginning of the end... (Score 1) 526

by Rick in China (#47413425) Attached to: Foxconn Replacing Workers With Robots
I should clarify - there are riots (or huge protests..what China calls "mass incidents") daily, although this doesn't mean that it's daily in the same place, it means there are lots of places which frequently have these mass incidents and some are really crazy brutal. If you think about the main catalysts for these type of riots they include things like: anti-Japan protests turned ugly, factory bosses mistreating or not paying their workers, gov't officials family members getting off on very serious criminal charges due to corruption sparking huge community rages, chengguan (the city management people) starting incidents with say, fruit sellers on roadsides, and it gets so out of hand it ends up in death and vehicle destruction, minorities starting huge ruckus due to oppression and mistreatment, etc.. there are SO many reasons, and there are SO many people, yeah - shit happens all the time over here, I've seen a lot of craziness first hand also, even though I'm in a relatively quieter relaxed area (Chengdu). The minority-rich towns and east-coast factory towns are much closer to rioting hellholes.

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In a way.. there is of course huge domestic industry, however, there is still a huge reliance on manufacturing for jobs. Lots of people without work = social unrest, which is why the CPC has such a huge land army..they know that. When those manufacturing jobs dry up, which seems that it'll be a very abrasive and swift change over to robotics just like most changes in China, there isn't enough other industry to absorb all those low-skilled workers, it'll be chaos. GPU, yes, but specifically, an ISA GPU. Unfortunately when the technology advances, there'll just be no use for the ISA GPU and it'll end up disassembled for parts.

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by Rick in China (#47404921) Attached to: Foxconn Replacing Workers With Robots
So, this 'fear' during the industrial revolution abroad never truly came to pass.. as western countries developed and built automation facilities many new jobs grew to replace them. The difference is, in China - the model is far different. Being the world's factory, the FDI keeps most management and infrastructure abroad and *purely* utilizes China for it's cheap labour and manufacturing output, immediately exporting the goods. In western countries past, as their product manufacturing became more efficient people could expand their roles in the growing companies....that wont happen for many of the factory workers in China. There are already masses of migrant workers out there scrounging around for shitty work, now dump out millions of relatively skill-less factory workers who have no choice but to emigrate back to their farmland, where there also isn't any money to be made, and we'll witness the collapse of civil society on a larger scale. There are currently riots every day in China around factory towns, I can imagine what that'll be like when tens or hundreds of thousands of people are dropped in short time spans due to robotics implementations. I gotta get the f' outta here.

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I don't think it's appropriate to point the finger at a company who denies trademark use requests and say, "Bad!". This is truly a tragic story and it's hard to believe grandparents could treat their own grandchildren in such a terrible and disgusting way, however, just because DC wont grant a trademark request for some dreamed up statue in remembrance of one tortured soul doesn't mean they deserve a finger wagging. It would be great if they allowed the licensing of the trademark to the statue or the third party who is responsible for putting this all together, however, they should be fully allowed to refuse such a request, otherwise we must hold all requests to use all trademarks for all 'awww' stories in equal regard, no? If I loved coffee, and if I died in a car accident or whatever, does anyone really think my parents would be granted the right to use the Starbucks logo on a tombstone with my name on it?

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by Rick in China (#47397423) Attached to: Oculus Suspends Oculus Rift Dev Kit Sales In China
The only thing about this article that shocks me is the fact that the sellers were naive or ignorant of the fact that this is obviously going to happen, as it has with every device available in any market. There are many Chinese (especially students) who live abroad and have 'side-businesses' where they open up taobao stores and sell 'import goods' which are local purchases for them, they'll get you whatever you want from domestic western/1st world markets and mail them to you in China..

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In China, I buy a SIM, charge it with a card from a little shop or street vendor - or via electronic bill/payment machine at 7-11 or wherever, and use it til it runs out. I'm on a plan, but can pay for my plan with a charged account in this way. The plan costs I think $15usd/month and I never run over my limits - has a few hundred megs of data, a couple hundred minutes of talk, and I never pay anything for any incoming SMSs.... I can also pay for stuff off my charged phone account by entering my phone # into whatever service, getting a SMS with a code in it, and using that code in the service I'm trying to pay for's interface. It's not magic, but when looking at the fucked up US mobile system, and when I go back to Canada and have to arrange service for whatever length of time and it's always headaches, it sure does seem like it... (20mbit fibre is also a whopping $20/mo)

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"even be able to afford your Plan B" If someone is buying enough Plan B that it's hurting their finances, maybe they have much bigger problems than just a shitty job. I'm not in favour of the ruling (I hate religious exceptionisms) however I also think people need to take more responsibility and if there are women out there letting guys fill them up on the reg, while their lives are falling apart, and not taking precautions.. no amount of insurance in the world is going to give them a better life. The ruling itself, though, I believe, is a very slippery slope.

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That's actually 100% correct. Ground military is specifically assigned on rotations far away from their home province. I have a little brother-in-law in the military, and I can tell you that the military is tightly under the government's control -- you see, Xi has been consolidating..not losing control of, many military/police/investigative (see, gestapo) forces under his thumb, and whereas in the past there was significant volatility between the PLA and the party (like DXP times) currently that's not the case at all. It may change, but there are no obvious signs to me or anyone I know of that being the case - it'll more likely be a party&PLA vs. migrant worker/peasant class clash, which is why China invests so heavily in a ground force to begin with.

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He's foolish, not worth replying to misinformed anonymous cowards :D More important keys to refute his silly points are: Japan controlled the islands since the 19th century, and the post-ww2 treaty to determine which islands were part of the 'hand back' was fully endorsed by both ROC and PRC without any disagreement about the Senkaku islands - and up until 1970s PRC maintained that Senkaku did belong to Japan according to their own maps. Unfortunately, in the 70s, when potential for large oil reserves near the islands was discovered, they began to cry foul and demand that the islands belonged to them since 'ancient times'. It's all bullshit, just like their bullshit creation of fake islands in the middle of the southeastern archipelagos to try to lay claim to bunches of islands neighbouring other countries. They just draw huge lines on maps and say "OURS" like children, just like Russia is trying to do with their borders and, more importantly, the North Pole.

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China in this instance, is so ridiculously hypocritical - their entire argument about the Senkaku(Diaoyu) islands is that Japan has only controlled them in modern times, and China has laid claim (based on little evidence, and they're uninhabited) since ancient times. Yet, here, they're claiming these islands from all these other countries, and have only laid claim since 1940 -- a claim that seemingly hasn't been supported except by China themselves. Which way they want it? All ways. China has a big 'face' problem so can't look weak to it's oppressed masses for fear of social unrest, and like Russia, thinks the whole world around it belongs to them. Really tired of this bullshit.

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