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Comment Re:abysmal human rights records (Score 2, Informative) 63

You could replace China with America, there, and it would be fine.

Drone strikes on own citizens, arrests without charge for unlimited time for citizens mostly deemed to be a particular race or ethnic group (oppressing certain minority groups), awesome politics.. or how about the prison industrial complex tossing people away for decades for non-violent crimes under mandatory sentencing laws? It's all good in the US, tho, right?

Comment Re:They certainly are a criminal organisation... (Score 1) 471

You'll note my name is 'in China' - I'm an expat, but as far as I know, there are no 'town meetings' here. Nor political campaigns, at least, not public ones. You're right that Uber is *now* a corporation and has access to the process, and now has the funds to start to engage strongly - hence "buying" politicians to change the rules. However, without essentially breaking the law in the first place, or at least walking a very gray line, you can't possibly imagine they'd have that sort of clout or be able to have any impact whatsoever which would allow them to create the market they have since created.

Comment They certainly are a criminal organisation... (Score 4, Insightful) 471 some countries. They're openly breaking the law. However - where regulations are faulty or problematic hampering the freedom of providing a valued service to the populace, this type of disruption is the only way to drive forward new growth markets and change 'the way' it is. Just because something is averse to a current corporate/government structure doesn't make it bad, although it is in many cases criminal.

I'd be curious about stats of Uber users - is it just a loud minority who aim their sites at the company? I'm guessing it is. Everyone I know who uses Uber loves it, and while I feel for the taxi drivers who pay into medallions or permits to drive cabs, markets....get.....disrupted......and this is a f'n good disruption.

Comment Re:Ride-sharing in China!?! (Score 1) 26


Uber is very popular in China. So many people I know use Uber exclusively rather than real cabs, foreigners and Chinese alike.. cheaper, cleaner, all around better service in general. "Real" cabs are more likely to scam you (ie. give you the run-around) or get in accidents, they often drive insanely aggressively. I'm both a driver (I don't mean for Uber) and passenger in China, and I can tell you: your wife is wrong. She's more than likely talking about the black santanas that hang around outside airports or bus stops/train stations and try to tout customers into their rides for literally ride sharing with some other random people, often between-city..which are also fine, and I've taken many of those as well.

Comment ExpressVPN broken too. (Score 1) 88

Post-iOS9 install I noticed ExpressVPN doesn't work at all either. At least I only need it for youtube/gmail ish, poor business-users, f'd. This is a pretty serious bug, quite shocked that it was known and let pass into retail release......indicator of slip in quality perhaps? Kinda like macbook 12" forcing users to a single usb-c port, in other words, forcing users into buying an adapter, far before C becomes standard? What's going on here.

Comment Re:Wealthy and their expectations.. (Score 1) 142

I did read the letter. I did read the article. The letter simply states "did not" - while the original e-mail states "did". Of course the lawyers are going to claim none of this was interpreted correctly, that's all they can attempt to do....alter history and perception. The e-mails are leaked. The database (sample) *was* leaked. This all happened. The lawyer letter? Um....yeah, ok, lets take that as truth, because obviously they have no motive to twist the truth, right?

No disconnection from reality here, projection on your part perhaps.

E-mail quote:
"I got their entire user base"
Lawyer letter quote:
"At no time did Mr. Bhatia attempt to bypass’s security or to exploit its gap in any way"

Comment Wealthy and their expectations.. (Score 3, Insightful) 142

This dude works in tech - a CTO, well, assuming he's actually involved in tech, not some 'business' CTO - and thinks that this is a good idea. He's basically murdering his own reference for the future, nobody wants a bunk ass CTO who doesn't understand the internet or world at large, and has his name smeared all over (yada yada Streisand effect yada yada) but the bottom line is this: if you do shady shit, and get busted, there is to be no expectation of silence by anyone...once it's out, it explodes and that's fucking it. Touching it just makes the explosion bigger. "Lawyers", yeh I'm sure his lawyers are loving it - when they offer advice and "yeh, lets file a suit!" - they're just securing their own monetary gain...because obviously this whole thing blowing up just creates a larger vortex to funnel this fucktards money into.

Comment Re:"Heat death"? (Score 1) 199

I don't think you understand what I said:

Previously the common thinking was that the universe would likely go in one of two directions - endless expansion or eventual contraction, the endless expansion resulting in a "death by cold", due to entropy, there would no longer be any transference of energy between objects and everything would simply be neutral. The other being contraction, which would eventually bring everything closer and closer together - resulting in a "death by heat", where too much energy would be too close together, eventually perhaps leading to another bang/expansion.

In this story, objects, or life as we know it (or can suppose it) would cease to exist due to freezing rather than burning. Death by cold. Not death by heat. Death by lack of heat, death due to entropy.

Now, of course, there are alternative theories that break these two older molds, but...yeah.

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