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Comment Re: should be interesting (Score 0) 323

No, there's no evidence that Assange has an STD. According to reports, the woman who was kicked out of Cuba on charges of being a CIA spy (who he foolishly screwed) raised the issue with the other women and encouraged them to go to the police to inquire. They regret being used like that, but Asssange still has the Bank of America CxO hard drive image, so obviously this would happen (he was warned that he'd be honeypotted with sex and ignored it).

Comment Re: Militant Slashdot (Score 3, Insightful) 281

You miss the point. Nobody who wants a good gun wants a 3D-printed gun in 2016 (check back in a decade). The issue is always the government oppression that arises from such happenings. Free Speech still falls under 'stuff that matters'. Maybe you weren't around for CryptoWar I when we illegally wore T-shirts with the RSA algorithm on it to trade shows.


Comment Re: Cold Fjord! (Score 2) 196

"National honor" really is at stake. The Espionage Act of 1917 is a democratic disaster and leads to most of our current ills (those who installed a "secret government") weren't fools - they see the bugs as features.

If we have users here who support the secret state, they're really against this country's founding principles and can be safely dismissed as cowards or cronies.

Comment Re: New York Taxi Workers' Alliance (Score 1) 179

Democracy has nothing to do with it. Three bureaucrats simply cannot have as much information on a driver or a car as three thousand riders.

That's the information theory side of politics, not the polisci side. (Not that bureaucrats are elected anyway.)

The taxi industry is the case study for corruption under government monopoly grants. There may be an exception that proves the rule, but in nearly every case, having actual humans involved screws up the ideal theory.

Meanwhile a simple automatic booking, rating, and paying system solves the base problem far more effectively, incentivizes actual humans to behave, and even addresses outstanding problems, like cabbie safety, for the first time.

As usual, the rational, economics-based solution far outperforms the strictly emotional (political) approach.

Comment Open Source (Score 2) 1817

It's pretty popular around here - /. should look into it.

Soylent already fixed Slashcode - sync and send pull requests. They haven't stolen this community and they're not going to with their editorial style, which doesn't fit the folks here.

Slashdot Inc. or whatever has done a very poor job of stewardship of Slashcode for over a decade. It's silly, really - keeping all the bugs secret is never what kept people here.

Comment Re: She will ether be president or prisoner. (Score 1) 634

"Biden remains on standby"

Wise words. Nothing matters except for the Convention. The floor can vote to suspend the rules, and then any nomination can be acted on.

Biden v. Trump goes to Biden. The DNC doesn't need the box full of live grenades they have for candidates now.

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