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Comment: Re: file transfer (Score 3, Informative) 399

by bill_mcgonigle (#49144239) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Old PC File Transfer Problem

you forgot to order the right Compaq IDE laptop header adapter. Whichever one it is for this model...

Suddenly a Laplink cable and a VirtualBox running DOS with a detachable D: doesn't seem so awful bad. Move the image from the XP box via flash drive or network, mount it loopback and profit before lunch.

Comment: Re: Ground Penetrating Radar potential (Score 1) 129

One of the issues is whether they will turn from transmit to receive fast enough. If not, you might need two, or one of those cheap stick receivers and a converter.

Is there some standard way to manage timing? Does the weekend hacker need to deal with signal/buffer latency from the DAC/ADC or somehow manage timecode synchronization?

Comment: Re:Companies ask for it (Score 2) 185

by bill_mcgonigle (#49128267) Attached to: Jury Tells Apple To Pay $532.9 Million In Patent Suit

You have plenty of 'choice', but sitting and waiting for someone to actually do the work and make a success out of something then springing your patents on them and trying to cash in... yeah.. you are not likely to get much sympathy for your forced hand.

In a world where ideas are a dime-a-dozen, execution ability is the real currency.

So obviously those with no execution ability should use the government to force people to pay them for ideas they could not figure out how to make money on themselves.


Comment: Re:Should a Service Robot Bring an Alcoholic a Dri (Score 3, Insightful) 162

by bill_mcgonigle (#49128189) Attached to: Should a Service Robot Bring an Alcoholic a Drink?

As long as you don't demand that one provide you with sex...

But then, that's a whole other ethical bucket of fish.

Nobody thinks there's an ethical problem with me "forcing" my lawnmower to spin its blade and murder the grass, or torturing my refrigerator by chaining it to a wall and making it go "brrrr" all day.

Machines do what their owners want, end of story - there are no ethical issues unless they affect other people.

Comment: Re:But can we believe them? (Score 2) 97

You realize that no one would give them money for the replacement sims? they would be required to replace them for free like in any recall

Not just that - it might be worth it to the carriers to get the SIMs from anybody else.

Nobody buys their SSL certs from Diginotar anymore - there is a smoking crater on the crypto landscape where that incompetent business used to be.

Gemalto is left with having to prove the negative. We only need believe that their security and forensics people are more competent than the NSA/GCHQ attacker and cover-up people are, and continue to trust them on that basis. Gemalto cannot take a different position than they are now, no matter how confident they are/aren't.

Why aren't phones generating their own keys when they're activated at the store? Burn a fusible link if necessary. This would be more secure _and_ cheaper for the carriers. Oh, because NSA has plants on the GSM committees?

Comment: Re: Why not in the US? (Score 1, Insightful) 82

The US has the highest effective corporate tax rate, so yes, Denmark has to be lower.

The main difference is that the high rates exist here mainly to keep small businesses from becoming competitive with the multinationals (which buy off the politicians with campaign money in exchange for favorable treatment).

And, yes, Apple is trying to reduce its US footprint wherever it doesn't really matter. The only surprise is that they haven't bought Cuba (yet).

Comment: "Fairness" (Score 4, Insightful) 303

There's no such thing as "fairness" - it's a fairy tale concept that causes humans far too much suffering.

I would love to get $1300 for each million user sessions served by a system I designed - holy cow that would add up. I get paid for a job, and that is that. I realize that artists often sign bad business contracts (when I do, I just lose money - boo hoo).

But regardless Spotify and Pandora aren't equivalent - the songs I hear on Pandora are often ones I've never heard before. I've bought CD's based on its generated recommendations - Pandora is a promotion platform for artists. Spotify tends to be more for music on demand. It's nice that Pandora also pays the artists for the airtime - I'd imagine Pandora would survive just fine only playing for promotional value.

Comment: Re:visibility doesnt matter. (Score 4, Insightful) 241

The problem is that our own government seems to WANT us to be terrified of the "terrorists".

Of course it does - they want people to give them more money and power.

You're eight times more likely to be killed this year by a cop than a terrorist, and that's including 9/11 (and let's not even discuss swimming pools and motor vehicles or the flu).

But do you see Obama scare monger mongering about any of that? Of course not - there's no play for more power on those. There's no campaign coffer to fill with deposits from the military industrial complex from those.

Understand the motivations and then the actions make perfect sense.

Comment: Slashbait (Score 1) 187

by bill_mcgonigle (#49098601) Attached to: Why Sony Should Ditch Everything But the PlayStation

Rather than reading this article, find something better to do with your time.

You fell for the Slashbait again.

Somebody at Dice enjoys saying, "this is the stupidest fucking thing anybody on the Internet has said today - I'll push it to the front page so everybody can comment about how stupid it is and generate a bunch of page views in the process."

The very best we can do is to leave them alone so it's all GNAA and AC FP's on these.

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