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Comment It's not what, but how (Score 1) 137

My belief is that it's not that you are using your cell phone, but how. I'm OK with people using it during whatever social event as long as it is in a constructive manner. Say, to pull up movie times while discussing after dinner plans, coordinating with other people to meet up, settle an argument with some facts, etc.

The phone makes it easier for someone to be non-social if they want to be, but it doesn't automatically turn social people non-social.

Comment Re:Google Fiber is to blame/thank (Score 1) 392

Although maybe not the sole reason, I'm guessing it is a major contributing factor.

For those who are reading this and don't already know, TWC, until recently, was the major cable provider for the Kansas City metro - Comcast had some of the more distant Missouri suburbs, and TWC only had the ever-changing entity that is Surewest/Everest/Consolidated as a minor competitor in a part of the metro. This year has marked a big uptick in the Google Fiber rollout, especially through south KC, and parts of Johnson County.

Of course, Google isn't saying what their subscription numbers are like. I've seen poll-based estimates that they are now providing service for 1/2 to 4/5 of the homes in areas they service.

Comment Re: Phones + 1 laptop. (Score 1) 260

No, I'm definitely part of the reason too.

It's ok, there's plenty of blame to share. Maybe you'd like some too, or did you use the power of your mind to add your reply to the Slashdot database?

He uses a tablet he made using responsibly harvested bamboo, free trade copper wire and artisan hand-blown glass. He sells them on Etsy, too.

Comment Already spotted in the wild - thought it was an ad (Score 1) 91

I can't remember where, but I've seen this in use this past week. When I saw it, first thing I thought was that this was one of those annoying ads disguised as a game that are out there. Still, once recognized for what it was, it was simple, much less a pain in the a$$ than the text based CAPCHAs.

Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 2) 281

Sooo... your evaluation of S/O/L (heh, cute) Office is based upon how they convert to and from proprietary formats created and designed by other developers? Out of curiosity, any complaints involving files created in their native formats, used exclusively with their respective suites?

I've tried to support a mixed Open Office/MS Office shop, and yeah, it was a pain. But, if something was going to stay entirely within one sphere or the other, no problems.

Comment Re:Er... (Score 2) 259

Not only that, but they are willing to let you pay that install fee in monthly installments, over the course of a year, no financing fees involved.

That's $300 up front, or $25/month for one year, after which you have guaranteed 6 more years of free service. If you want to break it down, that's around $3.57 a month of the course of this agreement. AND there were NPO's offering to help people offset even that much.

Comment Re:Dynamics (Score 2) 390

Until someone sends every car a rogue "Look out you're about to crash!" signal, and every car hits the brakes as hard as they can. Then you get to find who has sub-par brakes, and who doesn't have a smart vehicle yet (or maybe who circumvented it).

Would emergency vehicles have this as well? I can see not implementing it in police vehicles (might need to ram, or otherwise contact another vehicle in the course of duty), or Fire or EMS vehicle. They would then be susceptible to this sort of thing (when the car in front gets the rogue signal, not them).

Comment Re:munis are broke (Score 3, Informative) 430

Have you seen the scale of rates being charged? They are charging $300 for the fiber install, which they are even willing to finance at 0% interest over a year ($25 a month!), and if you do nothing else, you get a FREE 5 Mbps connection. If you opt for the full connection, they waive the install fee, and then give you 1 GBps down AND up for $70. In addition, they are providing free gigabit service to schools, libraries and hospitals.

And what is the city giving in return? An expedited permit process, and only charging half as much per pole to connect. How is this a bad deal for the city or it's constituents?

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