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by RevGregory (#46461645) Attached to: New Jersey Auto Dealers Don't Want to Face Tesla
If you think commerce across state lines is required for the Interstate Commerce Clause to be invoked, you certainly haven't looked at the 1942 Wickard v. Filburn decision by the Supreme Court and similar rulings. Federal limits for production had been put in place to bolster wheat prices during the Great Depression and Farmer Filburn assumed that because he was growing the crops for use on his own farm, which did not have a state line running through it, he was not obligated to abide by interstate commerce controls. The Supreme Court ruled that his overproduction meant he was not buying wheat on the open market to feed his animals and since wheat was sold across state lines his lack of purchasing had an effect on interstate commerce. So, essentially, Filburn was fined for NOT engaging in interstate commerce...

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I cranked the numbers for Australia about a year ago. My start point was 1995, before one of their big gun banning sprees. The latest figures that I could find were for 2007. All crime data came from an Australian government web site. I adjusted for population, but the population numbers came from Google. My "crime" figures includes: murder, robbery, assault, and sexual assault. I excluded tiny categories like kidnapping since the numbers were so small. Here is what I found..

In 1995 the murder rate was 17.7. The overall violent crime rate was 7223.5 (once again, per million).

In 2007, the murder rate was 13.3. The overall violent crime rate was 10126.1.

In 1995 the US murder rate was 8.2 with a violent crime rate of 6845, in 2007 it was 5.6 and 4718...all while firearms sales soared to all time highs and evil black rifles became the most popular gun sold.

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I didn't have hot chick posters on my wall in high school, I had Beagle Bros posters... ...there was plenty of time for girls when I was at the arcade, my bedroom was dedicated to hosting a BBS and coding!

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What manufacturer would intentionally stop building devices at contract volumes and rates?

A manufacturer that has determined that the volume of manufacturing being requested no longer justifies the base cost of tying up resources in light of opportunities to contract with other clients whose outlook isn't as bleak as RIM's currently is. Also, if they aren't one of the companies that RIM is contracting to produce their last gasp BB10 handsets or they lack confidence in BB10, they are MUCH better off repositioning themselves to work with other companies now rather than riding RIMs decline even farther. If they have ANY opportunity to enter into production for someone else right now I'd imagine they'd jump given RIMs positively slothful response to changes in a market they once dominated.

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Yes, I do. And it's still about triple what the market will be able to bare in 2013.

Really? Is that due to the end of the world as predicted by the Mayan calender or some other supernatural event? And what does it say about the $40,000 Chevy Volt? Although, I will agree that the Volt is easily priced at twice what the market would bear (not bare) to actually make it a consumer item (were it not for .gov agencies being forced to buy these things it would make the Edsel look like a genius move.) In reality, if you could get the same tax break individuals get for buying the craptastic $40,000 Chevy Volt you'd actually MAKE $500 for buying a StreetScooter. Thanks to the "Cash for Clunkers" debacle 10-year old used vehicles are now running around $5k-$6k making $7k for a NEW vehicle pretty attractive. Even if after bringing it up to US standards the price is in the $10k-$12k region, it still looks like a winner in a market where it's only competition would be the "Smart Car" which gets worse mileage than my brother's 15-year old Honda he paid $3.5k for 5 years ago.

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...and thank you for pointing out why the protesters should be in front of the White House, the Capitol, and choking off K Street. The behavior of companies is not the pressing problem, it is the government reinforcing those behaviors and making them viable and repeatable that causes the serious harm.


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Don Lancaster did a pretty good job explaining raster-scan-generated-by-cleverness-of-using-main-CPU in the Cheap Video Cookbook. Back in 1978.

So slashdot is about, oh, 33 years late :-).

"Don Lancaster"! There's a name that brings back memories of delving into 6502 machine coding in my high school years...or are they nightmares?

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