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Comment Betting on how long it is until he is in the USA? (Score 0, Troll) 327

Wake up people.

Sweden is just a front for law enforcement in the USA. The entire goal of this disgusting show is to get him on US soil where he will be "disappeared". They can't directly ship him to Gitmo and start the water boarding, but they can do the equivalent without leaving the continental USA.

It will go something like this. First, they will try and stall for a few days and pretend he is still in Swedish custody. In fact, he will already be buried in some black facility in the US. Then, after he can't be found the US will deny that they have him. That will make it much more difficult for his lawyers to force the courts to grant him his basic rights, like the right to an attorney.

This could literally drag on for years. Given that the security courts have, as far as anyone knows, never stopped the authorities from doing whatever the hell they want, it will be like he dropped off the face of the earth.

Meanwhile, he will be tortured. It will be somewhat less physical then Gitmo because they will at some point need to show that he is still breathing and can say a sentence with words of no more then two syllables. But as far as destroying him mentally, they will do whatever they think they can get away with.

The goal is not to find out about the leaks, the goal is to make an example and act out their rage. Make no doubt, these people are perverts in a sexual sense. They derive very intense personal pleasure from the destruction of their enemies. They're seriously deranged.

If he is never seen again then it will be because someone got carried away and killed him. That would not be their plan, but we all know how that actually works out. How many innocent people did they kill looking for Bin Laden? They have admitted less then ten so far, but it seems likely it was in the hundreds or even thousands. Seriously, they killed one person because he was tall and had a beard and was somewhere that was a possible Bin Laden hideout (i.e. somewhere in Iraq or Pakistan or Syria or Lebanon or ...) Once they realized it was some random guy, they just went "oops"and never even bothered to contact his family and take any responsibility. "We wus looking for the bad guy, so suck it up"

So back to the question: how long will it take for him to be "extraordinarily rendered" to the US? There should be a betting pool. A good bet would be that he doesn't even sleep in Sweden. That would leave the smallest footprint for a cover up.

Of course, the real problem with running that pool is that it could take decades to determine the winners. Or there will never be a winner. In some sense a complete disappearance makes it easy, because they want him to be forgotten. That would be a real victory in their eyes.

Comment Re:Alternative: Republicans Endorse Corporate Welf (Score 1) 522

I was not completely clear in making my point. When I said "Capitalism should be pure and not fettered by evil and incompetent gumment interference. ", I was mocking the right wing Republican position. It is their automatic unthinking response and a hallmark of their hypocrisy. I thought that was clear from the context.

Comment Alternative: Republicans Endorse Corporate Welfare (Score 2, Insightful) 522

If it goes to a corporation with the money for lobbyists, it's a subsidy. It will help the economy. And generate campaign contributions (aka bribes).

If anything goes to poor people who have no lobbyist and no campaign contributions it's welfare and is evil.

Capitalism should be pure and not fettered by evil and incompetent gumment interference. Unless there is free money with no strings attached, at which point the more gumment involvement the better.

And if you think it's not free money, just try taking it away. The recipients will start squealing like stuck pigs.

Comment Re:U.S. could lower carbon emissions 100% (Score 1) 346

Put your life where your mouth is. Move to Fukushima. There's lots of empty housing, and even a foreigner to Japan could get a government subsidy because there is such anxiety about living there. If you run a software consulting firm you can be anywhere, so it's economically feasible.

Or move to Flint Michigan, since you seem to be of the opinion that man made environmental disasters are no big deal.

Or shorten your life span by setting up shop in Beijing.

Otherwise STFU. You incorrectly assume that there is no risk at all, and that you personally will never be victimized. That would pretty much define you as being arrogant and stupid.

Comment Oz the Wise and Powerful (Score 4, Funny) 69

Yep, unikernels will solve all you system problems. It will be just as wonderful as living in the Emerald City in the Land of Oz.

A unikernel, therefore, is an indivisible unit of computing logic. As a microservice, it carries the promise of unlimited scalability. ... And as an architecture, there’s a certain elegance in unity.

Not only will it solve your deployment problems, provide scalability for free, and eliminate all system security issues, it will do your shopping, wash your car, clothes and dishes, pay your bills and taxes, balance your checkbook, and walk the dog, even if you don'thave a dog!

Overhype much?

Comment Re:Unimportant. (Score -1, Flamebait) 74

So where do you have your swastika tattoo, you fucking piece of dogshit?

Hungary nationalists whip up anti-Roma feelings

This summer has seen an escalation of tension in parts of Hungary where ethnic Magyars live next to Roma (Gypsies) - tension exploited by the extreme right-wing Jobbik party and its allies.

The authorities are not enforcing laws banning the incitement of hatred, leaving Roma to face abuse by paramilitaries linked to Jobbik, which won 16% of the vote in the 2010 election.

Jobbik won a local election in the northeastern town of Gyongyospata last year after neo-Nazi thugs invaded and terrified Roma residents. The party is now targeting areas outside its northeastern heartland.

Hungary has an estimated 800,000 Roma, in a population of 10 million.

According to Krisztian Szabados of Political Capital, a Budapest think-tank, the issue of anti-Roma feeling has been swept under the carpet by all governments elected since the transition to democracy. "Inter-racial relations are a ticking bomb that's going to explode in the foreseeable future," he said.

The western Hungarian village of Devecser is still recovering from the caustic red sludge that swamped it in 2010 - toxic waste from an aluminium plant. But on 5 August there was a different kind of flood - 1,000 neo-Nazi demonstrators linked to Jobbik, angry at the Roma.

"You are going to die here!" the marchers shouted, throwing their water bottles and stones at what they thought might be Roma homes.

You are so dumb shit stupid that I don't think you are capable of dressing yourself. Does you mommy still wipe you shitty ass, or do you just walk around with a load of shit in you pants?

You wouldn't recognize a fact if it walked up to you and smacked you in the face with a brick, which is something that you really really deserve, like right now.

I just hope that Darwin was right and that your lack of meaningful intelligence keeps you from reproducing, because any more around like you could doom the human race. Send me your address and I'll send you something sharp and dangerous because you will start playing with it, maim yourself and bleed to death.

Comment Re:Unimportant. (Score 3, Interesting) 74

You're assuming that the EU will treat the UK and Hungary the same.

Just reading that sentence makes it obvious that other political considerations will decide how the power structure in the EU will behave. UK quasi-fascist government activities will not get the same response as Hungarian quasi-fascist activity. The Brits are going after Muslims, which are now fair game in the EU. The Hungarians are going after Jews and Gypsies, which is too much like real fascism in the 30's. The cynical position is that the EU want's to pretend that the "bad old days" are truly over, but are OK with less obvious current repression.

Comment Re:tl;dr (Score 1) 458

Apple sells hardware, Microsoft sells software. Different revenue models, different support requirements. You just effectively said that "apples equal oranges."

That was true until now. Microsoft has unilaterally changed the rules, and it is unclear how that will effect users. Still, given their track record, the long term effect will most likely be very bad.

By tying the OS release to the CPU, and not supporting older versions, they can force users to update, which means more revenue for Microsoft. More revenue for hardware vendors as well.

The very thing you criticize about Apple is now what Microsoft as doing. So who is peddling "bullshit" now?

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