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Comment: Re:Problem of perception? (Score 1) 375 375

Most people seem to have this mindset that using RAM is bad, and the more memory you have free and unused the faster your computer will be.

Try FF3 or 4 on a computer like I have at work (Windows XP, 2GB) and you will surely change your it-works-for-me-you-ignorant mindset. With FF you are *always* running out of RAM. If only there were *good* NoScript and AdBlock clones elsewhere ...

Comment: Re:More difficult to optimize? (Score 1) 97 97

With HTTP streaming you can rely on a pool of beefy reverse proxies like Varnish or Nginx to handle the load, or let the CDN handle it as any normal HTTP traffic.

HTTP is relatively common and relatively easy to handle/debug. I'd prefer not having to study another protocol ;)

Now, the interesting stuff is to provide Apple's HTTP streaming, MS' Smooth streaming and any other HTTP, chunk-based protocol from the same, unchunked video file using a webserver plugin to do the chunking on the fly. I know about the Unified Streaming Platform, but there doesn't seem to be many players in that field right now ;)

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