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Comment Re: Random .PNG file? (Score 1) 49

There are a couple possibilities I can think of.
A) Maybe there is a risk that the PNG you used would already be encrypted, so it says to use an external source.
B) Malware tends to hook common system functions, such as those used to generate data for testing, and the malware author gives his solution just in case. This is particularly true with .net assemblies, as the entire set of addresses for the method table is readily available.
C) Some combination of the 2.

Comment Re: uh? (Score 2) 160

I've found that devs (working devs!) without degrees tend to have a far more broad knowledgebase. Typically they are part of the "IT culture" and are immersed in learning 24/7.

Too many degreed devs do it for money and only know what they were taught in school. Most dont even bother to remember ASM/C in favor of high level languages.

Someone who feels development helps define them as a person is usually far more competent.

There's overlap, but that's been my experience.

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