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by Redmancometh (#47334833) Attached to: NYC Loses Appeal To Ban Large Sugary Drinks

Okay let me backpedal a wee bit and re-label it a "potential problem." And yes I can, I think.
A massive portion of the food we sell in the US cannot be lawfully sold in Belgium.

Im fairly certain they have socialized medicine.

Anyways the context is important because the US has used very similar logic as a justification in NYC for trans fats, and before it was struck down, the large soda ban.

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As the brief states the cop did not have probable cause for the stop OR the search. The cop not having PC to stop the car was the issue..not a lack of PC to search it.

The highway was 25 miles away by air, but I didnt see it specify how far by vehicle. Further it specifically states it did not intersect the border.

All of these are specified as reasons for the decision.

So maybe the power has some stipulations, but it certainly exists, and has for 100+ years.

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by Redmancometh (#47312481) Attached to: Florida Man Faces $48k Fine For Jamming Drivers' Cellphones

Okay I looked into some of the provisions of stand your ground and your right. It's seemed to me like in the Zimmerman case it was self-defense not stand-your-ground. I don't really have an opinion on that case though..I wasn't there.

East Dallas absolutely exists. If you know where puff n stuff is on Columbia that area is East Dallas. Roughly from where main turns into elm down to beacon and Columbia.

What happened to me happened on S St Mary in Junius Heights. There are 3 neighborhoods in that area, and I've always heard them referred to as "East Dallas." South of 30 is South Dallas, and that's a much worse place to find yourself late at night.

Still, drive down St Mary or that part of Santa Fe and you'll see it's not much better than oak cliff.

Not to be racist, but for the most part East Dallas is Mexican and South Dallas is black.

Dallas didn't annex everything around them like Houston did..Mesquite is it's own city not East Dallas.

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by Redmancometh (#47306827) Attached to: Florida Man Faces $48k Fine For Jamming Drivers' Cellphones

I have no idea how someone could have a problem with stand your ground. If someone attacks you and they're stronger/faster than you, and have you pinned, or you csnt get away what do you do?

Even if you manage to call the cops A) They're gonna show up after things have run its course, B) The assailant will probably be gone, and C) You might be in a trunk by then.

Are you just supposed to pay your hospital bills, get robbed, or get murdered? Also isnt self defense already an absolute defense to murder/assault?

Not that I agree with the guy above...thats a severe overreaction.

Full disclosure: I (a white guy) have been the victim of race based violence in E dallas. I defended myself with a knife I carry and my hands, and got away. One was too injured to flee, and him and his buddies paid my hospital bills once he dimed them.

But what if I hadnt had a weapon at the time? Would they have stopped at all? Or would I just be saddled with 10k in hospital bills and my identity/wallet being stolen?

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An online friend of mine in Belgium has been arrested in the last week. We do not know exactly why he was arrested, but it appears that this is the reason. We know he purchased this piece of software, and we are fairly certain he did not use it..I think he wanted to pull it apart.

Very frightening stuff indeed.

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