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Journal Journal: Added Foe

Added GillBates0 to Foes list for stupid post.

I had a long discussion about this topic with my brother-in-law who works on Wall Street. This was the essence of his take (and apparently other of his colleagues') on the issue. As an economy (such as that of the US) grows, the quality of life and jobs of the population increases/improves. The quality of jobs necessarily means the type of work that the population is willing to do. Jobs which were considered white-collar, and high quality slowly sink, and are no longer considered so as people get wealthier (I am talking about the entire population here--the average). The country then looks to exporting those jobs, so that it's population can work on something better...maybe higher level jobs. That is what happened to was considered a menial process, and shipped out to China, while the higher quality jobs (management, etc) were retained in the US of A. That is what is happening to software/IT now. I thought it was an interesting take on the issue, in which case, it is just one of the pitfalls in the process of economic evolution of the industry. And yes, I am not an economist.

How many autoworkers have to talked to that liked it when their jobs were shipped overseas? How many IT workers have you talked to that enjoy their jobs going overseas now? Quality of life has diminished and people are not getting wealthier. Consumer debt is increasing rapidly. What an idiot.

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