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Comment Re: Anti-Virus Companies All Suck (Score 1) 90

Every year it's about one of them doing something similar. I love kaspersky, why you ask? It finds what others don't, it's developed in the wild west where everyone hacks everyone aka Russia. So you know it's better than our stuff and I have yet seen a kgb type exploit exposed and used by 3rd parties unlike our (us and gov) exploits that are found and used all the time by hackers. You also hear results from it example " all the computers but the kaspersky and bitdender, etc... computers got the virus" when I talk to security professionals about rare outbreaks. For the average consumer I think it's a great value. P.S. I never got why everyone loves Microsoft anti-virus, crap gets by all the time I should know I have to fix it.

Comment Re: Don't buy based on any promises (Score 1) 35

Because they are a scam, gpu markets been steady until recently.... Now everyone "needs" a new nvidia gpu for the new features that have marginal benifits and they are paying companies to use them to increase sales... They keep them closed source and have caused nothing but trouble for AAA titles.. They were confronted about their false specs during a press release and they refused to answer or comment on them at all.

Comment Re: Mac games?!? Why? (Score 1) 94

Mod points someone!
On a serious note why would one of the highest profiting companies of all time be behind on everything right now? Safari just got rated one of worst browsers present since edge moved IE up. They are having major OS issues, new viruses and now a stream of game issues.... I hope they spend that money on something good.

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