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Comment Re: fighting carbon pollution? (Score 1) 369

You do know the pipelines leak and are built to hide leaks downwards so no one notices right. Did you read the report how bad they are threatening all ground water in the area? Do you really believe anything oil says lol. They are poorly maintained and hurt the environment pretty bad. Above ground spills can be cleaned, how do you clean years of it soaking into the ground?

Comment Re: It's a business opportunity! (Score 1) 320

Why doesn't apple patch every "update" is a full install just about... that can take some time..
Also the software asks for access where it shouldn't and I have had it break because they try to work around the windows api / firewall instead of passing through it.
I remove it for most people with iPhones because they don't ever use it. On top of all that it keeps bugging and trying to install other apple software that people don't need use or want.
P.S. Have you seen all the services and process it runs?

Comment For what? (Score 2) 309

Exactly for what do we need 12 gigs of ram? I had more issues with the code then I did graphics..... To me it still feels the same as the old engine I still scratch my head sometimes thinking what did they improve? Did this even help with the user experience?

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