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Comment Re: Don't buy based on any promises (Score 1) 35 35

Because they are a scam, gpu markets been steady until recently.... Now everyone "needs" a new nvidia gpu for the new features that have marginal benifits and they are paying companies to use them to increase sales... They keep them closed source and have caused nothing but trouble for AAA titles.. They were confronted about their false specs during a press release and they refused to answer or comment on them at all.

Comment Re: Mac games?!? Why? (Score 1) 94 94

Mod points someone!
On a serious note why would one of the highest profiting companies of all time be behind on everything right now? Safari just got rated one of worst browsers present since edge moved IE up. They are having major OS issues, new viruses and now a stream of game issues.... I hope they spend that money on something good.

Comment Re:Similar Performance to Nvidia (Score 1) 103 103

Being smart with money isn't being cheap lol You can spend double the amount on your system and in a couple years I'll upgrade again and maybe match the price of your first system. Nvidia forcing users to have a new card for new games is a big scam lol They look almost the same as games a year ago but require double the power why? For those couple "nvidia" features?

Comment Re:Funny .... (Score 1) 103 103

I'm not a fanboy but paying to be the primary video vend forcing users to buy cards to run certain games well.... Having major driver issues, forcing closed source "features" into the market that only work on their cards and saying their tech / chips out process brands like intel just shows how nvidia is ANYTHING but gamer friendly.

Comment Re:Funny .... (Score 1) 103 103

I'm sure you tested out the connectors and know the specs on them right?
The failure rate of low pressure liquid cooling is actually quite low for the lifespan of the cards. (It's really low if you take out the "user connected" and "unknown branded" liquid cooling.

Comment Re: Is it the phone or the stupid stuff installed (Score 1) 484 484

If you have ATT or Verizon, buy the international variant Android That supports 4G. No bloatware or issues super stable, lower bill and if you download dumb apps you can reset it. 9 out of 10 times it's the apps/bloatware when it comes to android. I have run GPE, and debloated roms for months without any restarts, when i do restart its for a uplate, backup or rom.. G3 G4 and G5.

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