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Comment Re: Translation:quit optimizing for Intel technolo (Score 1) 152

Amd is trying to do the right thing and keep the market moving into a better standard. Nvidia pays under the table to developers and gives away tons of free stuff so these game companies would use them. Nivida is closed source and how they work with the industry is killing pc vs console. Note that nvidia said they are going to use AMDs new hardware standard yet give nothing back. That's how they roll.... Take all and give us higher prices. Amd does it for money but at least they are trying to do the right thing. It's better than not trying at all....

Comment Re: I'm not so sure (Score 0, Troll) 174

Amd did fall behind but let's not forget i7s that went up in flames on stock coolers..... I have clients with old AMDs that run the latest games no problem. The reality buying a high end Intel for just gaming is a waste of money. IMO they have gone greedy with the prices and I hope the new amd chips kick their butt. They need to be knocked down a peg they are going to start to charge 500 for a 250 retail price processor I'm sure soon... Don't get me started on the price of Intel based boards for what you get.

Comment Re: Ship landing? (Score 1) 115

I'm sure other people pointed out 75% of the earth is water.. They want the shortest possible return path.... This means ships will be required for landings and it's all automated. As space x stated they are even building the automated ship system... something that should have been built long ago. Short version of what they have said automated ship systems are over priced POS right now. Lol

Comment Re: taking China's word for it (Score 2) 71

Exactly I got modded as flamebait because China can be trusted or something? They have a proven track record not to be trusted, they are destroying food chains, fisheries and natural resources "just because". They are killing their own people, help sponsor some of the worst bot nets in the world, the smog is enough to kill 3 countries, shall I go on? lol Not saying we are better but to think they are innocent is just as bad.... I don't trust them because I read up on what they are doing, and no I'm not talking about CNN or fox news.

Comment Re: Your move, Cox (Score 1) 166

This whole case is the broken system, Cox said give us proof and we will, they said we have proof listen to us well provide it later or gave generic proof that it could have been anyone.... If someone crashed a blue rental car would arrest everyone that drove it? Nope you'd have to figure out who had it at the time...

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