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Comment: Re: Mac games?!? Why? (Score 1) 91 91

Mod points someone!
On a serious note why would one of the highest profiting companies of all time be behind on everything right now? Safari just got rated one of worst browsers present since edge moved IE up. They are having major OS issues, new viruses and now a stream of game issues.... I hope they spend that money on something good.

Comment: Re:Similar Performance to Nvidia (Score 1) 103 103

Being smart with money isn't being cheap lol You can spend double the amount on your system and in a couple years I'll upgrade again and maybe match the price of your first system. Nvidia forcing users to have a new card for new games is a big scam lol They look almost the same as games a year ago but require double the power why? For those couple "nvidia" features?

Comment: Re:Funny .... (Score 1) 103 103

I'm not a fanboy but paying to be the primary video vend forcing users to buy cards to run certain games well.... Having major driver issues, forcing closed source "features" into the market that only work on their cards and saying their tech / chips out process brands like intel just shows how nvidia is ANYTHING but gamer friendly.

Comment: Re:Funny .... (Score 1) 103 103

I'm sure you tested out the connectors and know the specs on them right?
The failure rate of low pressure liquid cooling is actually quite low for the lifespan of the cards. (It's really low if you take out the "user connected" and "unknown branded" liquid cooling.

Comment: Re: Is it the phone or the stupid stuff installed (Score 1) 484 484

If you have ATT or Verizon, buy the international variant Android That supports 4G. No bloatware or issues super stable, lower bill and if you download dumb apps you can reset it. 9 out of 10 times it's the apps/bloatware when it comes to android. I have run GPE, and debloated roms for months without any restarts, when i do restart its for a uplate, backup or rom.. G3 G4 and G5.

Comment: Re: Journalists being stonewalled by Apple? (Score 1) 269 269

Every time I say something bad about apple on Slashdot I lose rep lol. But there are true points in fact I just had someone tell me over beers how they were going to release their new app on apple first because they had problems with apple in the past when they went android first. Will it change anything? no idea...

Comment: Re: Economics (Score 1) 148 148

I agree with nuclear energy done right. The problem is corners are cut to make more money. Corners in construction, maintance, parts and disposal. We just lost our plant because the tubines one of the most expensive parts were prematurely failing because corners were cut and false claims were made. I'm afraid of them just adding to the tally of sites to give it a bad name.

Comment: Re: Space Czar (Score 3, Interesting) 59 59

Deadlines ruin projects, NASA is known to never make a deadline lol. Musk doesn't have the greatest record but when he does hit the milestone there is some extra. Example rocket landing at sea created the new ocean launch\landing pad program with automation research, docking, etc.. That will help more than just the rocket landings.

Comment: Re: Why do the tax payers have to pay for all this (Score 1) 106 106

Space-x is changing the industry for good. They are only dealing with Boeing because it was required by NASA. Now these companies are more scared then ever with new private companies popping up doing the same more effectively. Hopefully they change their tune... These companies forget the god their principle KISS in science and engineering. Lol BTW I don't hate them I just dislike that their interest is all based on contacts even if they hurt us.

Comment: Re: Bye Apple products (Score 0) 128 128

Apple gives back nothing they only take... What open source projects is apple giving away that matter? What technologies are they funding for the public? The answer is pretty much none... They hurt tech more than they help it. Google might be the "tracking" devil but at least they give back... I think even Microsoft gives back more with their coding camps, contests and challenges. Don't you think one of the most valuable "tech" companies should be leading tech not following it?

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