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Comment: Re: $500 per card or per household? (Score 1) 227

by Redbehrend (#48421713) Attached to: Three-Way Comparison Shows PCs Slaying Consoles In Dragon Age Inquisition
I bought a ATI 5770 several years ago for 125 and gave it to a friend and it still plays games on high lol. Video cards even have upgradeable firmware now. They have console controllers for the pc, only time I ever owned a console was when they had really good console only games.

Comment: Re: It's all about the haters (Score 1) 178

by Redbehrend (#48382673) Attached to: Android 5.0 'Lollipop' vs. iOS 8: More Similar Than Ever
Android is cheaper hardware and app wise... Android can do 100s of things that ios can't. If gives you more freedom, options, carriers and companies. I had apple for years and I don't miss it at all. Can I afford apple? Yes I just choose not to overpay.... I understend why people like apple cut its trendy with the tech impaired. Just like living with the Kardashians....

Comment: Re: if only (Score 1) 308

Att has been great in orange county, Ca. We were stuck with Cox for so long with the old big crappy boxes that die every 6 months and lose your recordings. They also give you more bang for buck because they are half the price. I'm no fanboy as I'm waiting for Google fiber but anything is better than these old school ripoff isp companies. Cox doesn't even have good Internet anymore it's always partly down for maintenance. You have to pick the lesser of two evils right now....

Comment: Re: Google just pissy (Score 1) 107

by Redbehrend (#48064387) Attached to: Cyanogen Inc. Turns Down Google, Seeing $1 Billion Valuation
Cyanogen should have taken it. Other than old device support they are lacking... Google could cut them off when they feel free to... IMO Cyanogen has been going down since the whole tmobile deal. Stable updates come slower, I've had bat problems with recent builds and they don't support internal firmware of many devices. I can go on XDA and get a awesome rom anytime that includes firmware that works with device special features and get all my extra features.

Don't get me wrong I love the guys.... I think they are starting to get greedy and I myself since years ago have seen a decline in their product. They will get their evaluation one day and the name will die they want to sell out. They donate all the time but the fact they try to force you to pay for official apps just rubs me wrong.

Comment: Re: It's sad (Score 0) 427

It's not abusing anything Google apps work better and use less resources than the competitors which is 1 reason why they are doing this.

One of the biggest problems with android is manufactures and providers are trying to replace Google core apps with crap that crashes, uses resources and costs more.

This doesn't mean all but most, download a rom without manufacture / carrier crap and only Google crap and your battery life about doubles.

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