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Comment Re: Why? (Score 1) 398

You cant cut out some of our largest population centers and leave other countries ones in and not call that cherry picking. ALL countries have more violent regions then others.

You're still not getting it. The point is that there are places in the country that are far, far more violent than others. But gun ownership is high across the entire country (and very high in some places) ... where that level of violence simply doesn't occur. Do I need to explain it in more detail? It's not the guns, or the pattern would be the same everywhere there are guns. It's the local cultures. Further, the places where it's the worst are the places that have the tightest restrictions on guns. Chicago is a great example.

Comment Re: Why? (Score 1) 398

Including information from striking outliers IS a way of cherry picking, in order to distort the big picture. Just like including suicides and calling it "gun violence." Pointing out that a very small cross section of the country - geographically and demographically - is responsible for a huge portion of what's reported as if it were nation-wide... that's NOT cherry picking. It's called context.

Comment Re:Teens shouldn't have access to guns... (Score 1) 398

but I do know that something, somewhere has got to give

Kind of like it already has? The use of guns in violent crimes has been going down steadily for decades. If you remove from the stats the four cities that host the worst of the country's intra-gang violence, the rate plummets. We have less murder per capita now than we have since the 1950's.

Alas, we've had mulitple murders right near us in the last few weeks. Of course, they were stabbings. When you say "something has got to give," you're talking about human behavior, right? Not which inanimate object some killer decides to use? Not whether they use a pressure cooker to shred dozens of people, but that they want to do so?

Comment Re: Teens shouldn't have access to guns... (Score 1) 398

I'm still very certain you don't see those guys clad as ninjas prancing around your yard

Why do you keep saying that? What reference have I made that makes any reference to any such thing?

It's almost so obvious that I wonder why you'd claim otherwise

I didn't claim otherwise. Rampant crime, and the tolerance of things like violent gangs populated almost entirely by illegal aliens, is certainly a cultural problem. Our culture is far, far too tolerant of violent criminals, and allows too many of them to rotate right back onto the street. Yes, that's a cultural problem.

People want to exploit fear, and make you dance to their strings,

Yup, just like you're doing right now. Trying to make people irrationally fear millions and millions of people who own firearms. You're completely unpersuasive.

Comment Re: Teens shouldn't have access to guns... (Score 1) 398

Was this hard for you to comprehend because of your focus on one personal anecdote?

No, I understand perfectly that you're trying to wish away self-defense use of firearms for your own political or ideological reasons. The problem is that such use has been substantially documented in well known academic studies, and even if you want to say that the numbers of uses found in those studies are off (too high) by an order of magnitude, the number of such uses still completely eclipses the number of deaths caused by criminals that happen to be using guns.

I get it. You live someplace where you don't have home invasions, you don't have entire departments of the local police agencies that exist just to deal with well organized gangs like MS-13, and you don't have problems with carjackings, robberies, and women getting accosted as they walk in public. You're probably in a nice gated community somewhere. That's lovely for you. And you think it's dangerous for you if I own a firearm. Why you think that, I can't imagine - considering you're much more likely to get by somebody driving a car while drunk. So am I. But whatever the odds are of my becoming a victim of violence where I live and work, the actual statistics for my family so far are over 100%, as it's happened to me and mine more than once - and not just some purse snatching or a shove from some punk on the sidewalk. We're talking serious assault, home break-ins, smashing of car windows, repeated threats from gang members, the works.

We've had to make a second pot of coffee for the number of cops we had in our house more than once, over local thugs doing violent crap in our neighborhood, and me being one of the few people who will actually name names to the police, pick out mug shots, and stand up to these ass-hats. For which I've had my life threatened, my property destroyed and stolen, and more. Neighbors have had their kids beaten up for not doing what the local gang enforcers demand, and we've watched a local pimp slash the tires of three cars just so he could be sure he got the one belonging to someone who made a call about him roughing up a woman in our parking lot.

Yeah, to you - these are just rare anecdotes, right? You need to get out more. Career thugs spend very little time locked up for doing stuff like this. They have no problem - especially the MS-13 types - intimidating people with machetes, torching cars, and throwing just-killed family pets through kitchen windows to make a point. I don't need a larger fix for "my" situation, we're talking about a problem that is culture-wide in some places. In our case, it's because our county considers itself a sanctuary for illegals, and so we're now a franchise operation for Salvadoran and Nicaraguan gangs. The really funny thing is we have it EASY compared to places like Chicago.

Please carry on with your untroubled life. But stop pontificating about the frequency with which other, less fortunate people find themselves unable to wait 30 minutes for the police to show up and deal with something that's going to happen in the next 30 seconds.

Comment Re: Why? (Score 2) 398

We have murder rates and mass shootings far beyond that of any other Western nation.

And if you were to remove from those stats the four municipalities in the US that have the most gang-related crime, the US murder rate would be fourth from the BOTTOM of the stats pile. And the four municipalities where all of that mayhem takes place? Some of the tightest gun control laws in the country, and the places are run by Democrats and have been for decades. Not to trouble you with facts or anything.

Comment Re:Teens shouldn't have access to guns... (Score 1) 398

Cars are often necessary to life; guns aren't. Get a new brain.

So you don't think any police should be armed, because they never encounter a situation where the use of lethal force (or the deterrent power of its possibility) is ever necessary? You've obviously never actually seen someone being stabbed or beaten, or been alone and come across a group of people who would very happily kill you for the possessions you're carrying. Or been a woman alone in a parking garage being approached by three guys each twice her size and telling her they're going to rape her. Or live on the same street as three houses run by MS-13 gang members. Lucky you, you live such a charmed life.

Or DO you have such issues, but you also have a police officer that follow you everywhere so that you don't personally have to deal with preserving your own life? Cops are great - they will head into situations that the rest of us run from. But they are always minutes away when you have seconds to deal with someone violent. Guns are used for self defense many thousands of times a year more than they are used by criminals to kill people. You want to take that self defense away. Why? Are you prepared to make up for it in some other way? Who's going to pay for whatever solution you have in mind?

Comment Re: Teens shouldn't have access to guns... (Score 4, Interesting) 398

I have personally used a firearm (happily, through brandishing, not having to actually shoot) to spare my wife and I from the ongoing actions of a very large, very crazy guy beating down our back door with a metal pipe. You would prefer that we fight him hand to hand and wait the 20 minutes it took for the police to show up. Why? Because you've never dealt with such a situation, lucky you.

Comment Re:Teens shouldn't have access to guns... (Score 4, Insightful) 398

I think a sensible requirement for gun ownership would be that you can't live with your parents and you can't have an adolescent child living with you where you keep a gun. Because teens are idiots. If you're paying rent then you're responsible enough to have a gun, otherwise tough luck.

So you'd obviously be in favor of adults not being allowed to own cars if they have teenagers in the house, right? Because teenagers kill WAY more people with cars than they do with weapons of any kind.

Comment Re:Safety (Score 0) 398

They can, and do, when the little shits are incarcerated.

And they can't be incarcerated unless they've been convicted for actually breaking the law. It's after the fact, by definition. Even in this case, it's a matter of convicting them of conspiracy to commit murder ... something the law did not prevent them from doing: they sat there and conspired even those there's a law against doing that. See?

Comment Re:Kids needed to check with the president first. (Score 4, Insightful) 398

You tried to do your blame Obama bit

No, I'm not blaming Obama for what these kids wanted to do. I'm pointing out that his speech blaming the NRA for it was completely off base.

Even as the kids are dead you still tried to turn it political

You obviously didn't watch his speech. He came right out and said he thought the issue should be made political. His words. On the same day the students were killed. Try to get your rant at least aligned with current events and Obama's own words, OK?

Comment Re: Why? (Score 2, Insightful) 398

But either way it is a win for the NRA. They love to see children die because it is so profitable for them. They make money coming and going.

No, you've got it backwards. It's the gun control lobby and the lefty nanny state types that love to see children die. Because that's just the sort of thing they leverage in order to get more power over you. "Never waste a good crists," remember? The control freaks LOVE this sort of thing.

Comment Re:Safety (Score 3, Insightful) 398

Are you trying to cleverly imply that since the presence of the law doesn't stop people from breaking it, the law should go away?

No, he's pointing out that people who want to kill other people for notoriety are going to do it, laws or not. The laws are there so that there's a mechanism by which to punish people who do such things, should they be apprehended. The laws don't actually stop evil little shits from being evil little shits.

Comment Re:Media Hype (Score 1) 398

I came in assuming this as well, but it looks like they confessed.

"The investigation has so far been based on interviews with the suspects, during which they gave a detailed confession, Sheriff Mele said."

Yeah, but why were they being interviewed by police? Because somebody overheard something and told the cops. Exactly a see/say situation.

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