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Hardware Hacking

Journal: s/broken/fixed

Journal by RecursiveGreen

I'd be lying if I said the past couple of weeks were miserable. Besides my router/firewall box dying, having to RMA my main machine's hard drive, and spend money I didn't have on a more powerful battery backup, I've actually had the chance to clean up a lot of my home network infrastructure as well as various files I don't need anymore.


Journal: Disclaimer for programming projects. . .

Journal by RecursiveGreen

Despising the fact that I play the role of "the computer guy" on a daily basis, I flirt with trying other aspects in the computing realm. Having already confessed that I'm a jack of all trades (master of none), I am even more apologetic in the area of programming.

Comment: Re:Scarce wifi? Not really. (Score 1) 175

by RecursiveGreen (#26814213) Attached to: Turning an iPod Touch Into an iPhone


How do I get my Iphone, Ilaptop, Iwhatever to receive Shoutcast radio while I'm driving in my car? I was thinking maybe I could cancel my satellite Sirius-XM and just go with "free" internet radio.

Look for "Tuner" by NullRiver in the App Store. That, along with an FM Modulator/AUX port in the car, and you're listening to internet radio while driving. I often listen to SomaFM or Demovibes while going to and from work. : )

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.