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Comment: Re:Next feature? (Score 4, Interesting) 179 179

by Recovery1 (#33376382) Attached to: Google Officially Brings Voice To Gmail

Actually that would be a very smart idea. There is still a lot of people out there who have to keep a landline for faxing. While there is services on the internet that already do faxing, you either have to charge a fee for it or put up with advertisements. Plus there is no inbound faxing on them.

It would be nice to use that Google Voice (which as of writing this is still sadly not available here in Canada) to receive faxes through your phone number and have them pop up as an email with an attachment or something. They already have the infrastructure in place with Google Voice, adding a fax service to it I don't think would be too far of a stretch.

Comment: Re:and plan better for the next time. (Score 1) 765 765

by Recovery1 (#32884114) Attached to: Retrieving a Stolen Laptop By IP Address Alone?

Not if they have booting from anything but the hard drive enabled and the bios locked out. You can't remove the CMOS batteries in them anymore to reset things either. It's locked and not even the manufacturer can unlock it so you must ABSOLUTELY NOT lose your password or you have a $1000 paperweight. There is also a hard drive option that will lock up if the hard drive is removed from the laptop. Stick a new hard drive into it and it will not boot. Put the existing hard drive in another machine and it won't unlock unless you supply the password.

Oh, almost forgot. There's already a program out there that you pay $50 subscription to that adds many of the features for laptop recovery into the BIOS. Can't think of the name off the top of my head though.

In short, these new laptops are much more capable of being secured then the generations past. If secured, like mine, some idle thief is not just going to walk up and contaminate my lappy with their slimy XP disk.

Comment: Re:What can be done? Nothing. (Score 5, Informative) 511 511

by Recovery1 (#31867046) Attached to: What Can Be Done About Security of Debit Cards?

Great idea. But my bank doesn't offer me such a system.

In its place though I have a credit card issued from the bank. It is linked to only one account and I have to transfer money into it before I use it for any transactions so otherwise it is mostly empty. Try to withdraw any more then is in it, the transaction is automatically rejected. Seems to work for me so far with online transactions quite well.

Comment: We call them sociopaths. (Score 2, Insightful) 265 265

by Recovery1 (#31575854) Attached to: Study Shows People In Power Make Better Liars

They must have missed the study by another university that also reads that sociopaths tend to be in some position of power. Must be easy to miss too because not remembering a lot about the study I couldn't find the link to it with Google either. It still has to be somewhere on this vast web we call the internet. Anyone else happen to read and bookmark it?

Comment: Re:Why not SyFy? (Score 1) 922 922

by Recovery1 (#30732810) Attached to: What SciFi Should Get the Reboot Treatment Next?

Well said. Return the name Sci-Fi and put back on the shows that made the channel Sci-Fi. While you're at it make some decent branding for the station again. I loved the Sci-Fi channel of 1992 with it's quirky hourglass, that long 30 second fly through the alien tunnel, and FTL Newsfeeds and Sci-Fi Buzz. I hated the Sci-Fi and SyFy of present days with bumpers that leave you with a WTF every time you see them.

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