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Comment Re:Adding insult... (Score 1) 85 85

This is exactly what happened to me, due to the Anthem breach.
Here's a hint: call the IRS at exactly 0800 ET, when the lines open. I waited on hold for about 2 minutes, and it took approximately 45 minutes to complete the process.
NOTE: Check your junk mail carefully. I detected the fraud because a 'Green Dot' prepaid debit card arrived in the mail. The fraudster had purchased a generic card retail with $10 loaded on it, as the IRS, in their infinite wisdom, accepts these accounts for refund payments.
It was registered with my name and address, so Green Dot "helpfully" sent me a personalized card.
I froze the card, but the fraudulent return had already been filed. Fortunately, the IRS was unable to make the (fraudulent) refund payment to the (now frozen) debit card (and even helpfully sent a letter about it). So I screwed the fraudster out of $10.
I've been told I might see my (legitimate) refund in 6 months.

Comment Re:Get ready for metered service (Score 1) 631 631

The dial-up that I used did not have limits.

I'm going to assume here that was after 1982, when AT&T was broken up. Before that time there was only measured service (folks of a certain age will remember the Kafkaesque hell that was "message units". Unlimited local calling is a recent invention, and had the unfortunate timing to be introduced about the same time as the Hayes modem.

Comment Sure, blame the source that isn't paying... (Score 1) 136 136

Livestock are fed an enormous quantity of sub-therapeutic doses of antibiotics to stimulate weight gain.
Those animals piss and shit those drugs where it eventually ends up in the water supply.
The difference between industrial agriculture and pharma factories in India/China is that agriculture pays for the drugs.

Comment Consider this the MIRV of cyber-warfare. (Score 1) 44 44

My auth.log is crammed on a daily basis with access attempts from .cn addresses.
It would be hard to be taken seriously as a cyber superpower if one strike could sever your connection to the internet. This is just redundancy.

Comment Re:Ring itself should be a drone.. (Score 1) 62 62

What happens when the 'casual beachgoer' misses the victim, hits them with their drone, or their drone crashes due to to the payload, or from hitting another beachgoer's drone? Lawsuits.

A floatation device doesn't have to support weight, it has to be buoyant, which isn't the same thing.
The blades (ducted fans, actually) can be guarded with mesh, the batteries can be designed and sized for one-time use.
Using naturally buoyant foam is simpler than an inflatable. Even if the drone fails, it will float.

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