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Comment Re:Patent? (Score 3, Informative) 268

'Compatible' chips that report FTDI's USB Vendor ID (VID) and Product ID (PID). That way, they don't have to actually write their own driver and get it approved by MS.
So, when Windows interrogates the device, it appears to be FTDI, so Windows loads the FTDI driver.
That driver makes an undocumented call that only genuine FTDI chips will respond to correctly, so the driver can tell whether a knockoff part is attached.
Other legit serial chip makers use their own PID/VID, so it's not an issue with TI, Silabs, etc., only with 'Best Lucky Interface Ltd' parts.

Comment Tragedy of the Commons (Score 1) 622

"The tragedy of the commons is a term, probably coined originally by William Forster Lloyd and later used by Garrett Hardin, to denote a situation where individuals acting independently and rationally according to each's self-interest behave contrary to the best interests of the whole group by depleting some common resource." -- Wikipedia
The answer is penalize the highest demand users based on the normalized usage of the entire group. If you're using more bandwidth than say, +3 standard deviations from the mean of all users, pay a surcharge. If you're using less than -3 SD, thanks, have a credit.

Comment Re:Wastewater Disposal is NOT Fracking... (Score 1) 166

I'm quite familiar with how fracking is performed, and works. While fracking close to a fault is linked to earthquakes, the process of injecting waste into into a disposal well is much more likely to cause earthquakes than extraction from an oil recovery well.
USGS Cite: https://profile.usgs.gov/mysci...

Comment Wastewater Disposal is NOT Fracking... (Score 1) 166

Could we please begin to distinguish the activity of underground wastewater injection from fracking, the actual extraction of oil & gas?
As I understand it, the scientific consensus is that these earthquakes are the result of the former (which I consider the ultimate in 'sweeping under the rug'), not the latter.

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