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Submission + - When is a Honeyeater not a Honeyeater? ->

grrlscientist writes: "Every once in awhile, I will read a scientific paper that astonishes and delights me so much that I can hardly wait to tell you all about it. Such is the situation with a newly published paper about the Hawai'ian Honeyeaters. In short, due to the remarkable power of convergent evolution, Hawai'ian Honeyeaters have thoroughly deceived taxonomists and ornithologists as to their true origin and identity for more than 200 years."
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Comment Why Can't We Blame Everyone? (Score 1) 1104 1104

What if I want to lay the blame on Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and just about everyone else who is in the Legislative and Executive branch? Surely the corruption in the Department of the Interior helped. Bush's economic policies are certainly a problem, but the Democrats have a majority in Congress, and while this doesn't give them any magical powers to avoid a financial meltdown, some of this is their responsibility as well.

Submission + - Windows Vista restricts GNU GCC apps to 32 MB

Dave Coffin writes: "In Windows Vista, applications that don't link the Win32 API cannot use more than 32 MB of RAM. This affects all executables generated by GNU compilers. No such limit exists in earlier versions of Windows, and no work-around has yet been found. See for details."

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