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Comment: Smacks of Carmack (Score 2) 138

by Raystonn (#47327745) Attached to: Former NSA Chief Warned Against Selling NSA Secrets
This smacks of the same crap Id is trying to pull off on Carmack ( Apparently employers think they own any knowledge an employee gains while on the job. Sure, secrets are secrets. But is *everything* they learned on the job is a secret?

+ - Apple to allow Bitcoin in apps-> 1

Submitted by Raystonn
Raystonn (1463901) writes "A new update to Apple's app development guidelines now allows for approval of apps that transmit Bitcoin and other legal virtual currencies:

Apps may facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies provided that they do so in compliance with all state and federal laws for the territories in which the app functions.""

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+ - BitPay, Toshiba Partnership Brings Bitcoin to 6,000 New Merchants->

Submitted by Raystonn
Raystonn (1463901) writes "Toshiba has announced the integration of Bitcoin support in their touch-screen point-of-sale platform, VisualTouch, used by over 6,000 merchants. The merchants will now be able to accept Bitcoin payments at the register from anyone with a smartphone or any other QR code reader. Acceptance of Bitcoin as a payment method frees merchants from worries of fraudulent chargebacks, as Bitcoin payments are non-reversible just like cash, while allowing settlement deposits in any of 9 currencies, including $USD and Bitcoin."
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+ - Bloomberg's trading terminals now providing Bitcoin pricing-> 1

Submitted by Raystonn
Raystonn (1463901) writes "Bloomberg has announced the release of Bitcoin support in their trading terminals, used worldwide by over 320,000 trading professionals. The market makers of the world will now have instant access to immediate Bitcoin prices on an industry-standard trading platform. This places the virtual currency before the eyes of the movers and shakers of most of the world's money supply as they decide where to invest their $USD holdings."
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Comment: Goodbye anti-spam automated challenge systems (Score 1) 101

by Raystonn (#42152719) Attached to: Spaun: a Large-Scale Functional Brain Model
Think how much the spammers and data miners would pay for such a simulated brain. Typical anti-spammer challenges on the web involve presentation of a picture of a sequence of characters and digits, which you must identify and repeat back as ASCII text. This simulated brain could easily accomplish that task. What challenge system will we switch to next...

Comment: Re:Hell must be freezing over... (Score 2, Insightful) 135

by Raystonn (#33693296) Attached to: FCC White Space Rules Favor Tech Industry
Interesting. Reporting to a central authority. Now I can see why they opted for this path rather than have a device check its surroundings. They benefit from making devices a bit simpler and collecting information on the useful idiots at the same time. Genius.

To be honest, I'd rather my devices have a modicum of intelligence and look around to find the best frequency to use. To do otherwise leaves the whole system open to attack. What happens if this central authority server goes down? What happens if a rogue device doesn't report to the server? I'd like my robots with eyes and ears please, not being remote controlled from D.C.

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